Eighteen Islamabad

The Eighteen Islamabad Manages Top Real Estate Project in Pakistan

The Eighteen Islamabad manages the top real estate project in Pakistan, and it’s located right in Islamabad. The development has received the No Objection Certificate from the Capital Development Authority (CDA), and it has more than 700 acres of land. Investing in the Eighteen project will ensure a good return on your money, and you’ll be glad you decided to invest in it. The complex will include over 2,200 housing units ranging from 20 square yards to one thousand square yards. The apartments will range in size from studios to four-bedroom houses. The Eighteen project has already received approval for gas connection, which will make the project more profitable for the investors.

What’s About Eighteen Islamabad?

Located in Islamabad’s 18th sector, The Core at Eighteen is accessible via GT road and Kashmir Highway. It’s close to the Islamabad airport, and it’s just a few minutes away from the main city. With the wide variety of plots available, The Core at Eighteen is a unique and cutting-edge commercial opportunity. The project comprises thirteen high-rise towers and an exclusive business center. The Eighteen Islamabad project is spread over five hundred and twenty-two acres and has a number of impressive amenities. The urban infrastructure seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings, and the attention to detail is truly remarkable.

The Eighteen Islamabad development is an integrated mixed-use development project in Islamabad, Pakistan. Despite the many challenges that come with building large developments in Pakistan, the Eighteen project has already been approved for gas connection, which will be a huge boon for the city’s residents.

Top Real Estate Project With Eighteen Islamabad

The Eighteen Islamabad is a luxury residential housing project in Islamabad. It’s part of the prestigious Elite estate’s group, and has been praised by buyers from all over Pakistan. The developer’s success will also have a positive impact on the local economy of Islamabad. For many, this is a prime location. Aside from being near the airport, the project is near schools, offices, and hospitals.

The company’s master plan was developed by international architecture firms. The Eighteen’s commercial and residential areas are built around it. Throughout the project, it uses green design to promote a healthy environment. It’s a great investment, and it’s a smart place to live. With a global reach, the Eighteen Islamabad is a premier residential project that boasts world-class design and construction. Its developers are international names like WATG, Wimberly Interiors, and Callison RTKL. In addition, they’ve worked with nine local architects and consultants to create a master plan that caters to an international standard of living.

The residential scheme is a gated community with a planned society. Moreover, the homes in the Eighteen Islamabad are well-designed and surrounded by lush greenery. It is home to a modern kitchen and a spacious bedroom, and the building will be eco-friendly. If you want to live in a modern, stylish, and modern home, the apartment in Eighteen Islamabad is a perfect choice. The development of the housing complex will create an eco-friendly living environment for the residents. The attention to detail and dedicated green spaces make this a truly sustainable living destination. Its green initiative is one of the most innovative in Pakistan, and it is one of the most innovative projects in its field.

The Core at Eighteen is a modern business center that offers various plot sizes for sale. It is also conveniently located and just minutes away from the main city. The development offers various plot sizes and is dedicated to providing cutting-edge commercial opportunities. It consists of thirteen exclusive high-rise towers with a total area of 2.77 million square feet.

Wrapping It Up

The project is managed by Ora Developers, a renowned construction and development company that has completed numerous projects around the world. Its impressive list of completed projects includes the Pyramid Hills in Egypt and the ZED in Grenada. The management team at Eighteen Islamabad focuses on the safety and security of the residents and is working closely with the Capital Development Authority. With the layout plan approval from the CDA, there is no need to worry about the security of your property.

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