CityTowers Provides Professional Condominium Management Services

CityTowers provides professional condominium management services that are individually designed for your building’s operational, maintenance and information needs. We are a medium-sized company, large enough to provide consistent high-level service but small enough to build and value our relationships with each community we serve. KDF Communities, which owns the City Towers, and its management partner, VPM Management, are raking in millions of dollars from this exploitation.


While KDF’s official public-facing rhetoric claims that it is “committed to making a positive social impact through its investment in affordable housing,” a glance at the apartments owned by this for-profit company shows that their primary role in society is to make money off the exploitation of low-income residents. For example, in City Towers, the management company they hired is VPM Management – which itself is managed by Donald T McShane, who used to work for the Oakland Housing Authority, the same government agency that cuts his employer hundreds of subsidy checks each month.

CityTowers is a medium-sized property management firm that customizes its services to fit the unique needs of each condominium corporation. The company currently manages thirty-five residential and commercial buildings containing over four thousand one hundred suites.


CityTowers’ team of industry professionals provides a customized condominium management by CityTowers service to over thirty condominium corporations with residential towers and condominium commercial units totaling in excess of three thousand suites. Our staff is small enough to provide consistent high-level services and yet large enough to be able to grow with each community we manage.

Condominium Management Services provided by CityTowers are individually designed for your condominium corporation based on your operational, maintenance, information, and community needs. Our client turnover is among the lowest in the industry, which is a true testament to the long-term relationships we build with each of our clients.


CityTowers provides a full range of professional condominium management services that are individually designed to meet your building’s operational, maintenance and information needs. Our team of certified industry professionals work seamlessly with your condominium operations. Olena heads the accounting department at CityTowers and brings over 16 years of Condominium Accounting and Financial Audit experience. She works with all of the CityTowers’ clients and their boards, providing regular reporting, preparing budgets, and overseeing the management of each corporation.

City Towers is owned by KDF Communities, a real estate investment firm that specializes in low-income housing. KDF touts itself as “a committed partner in community well-being”, but a quick survey of conditions in the City Towers complex shows that it has no interest in making these units habitable. They’re making millions by speculating on rents while skipping out on basic maintenance. It’s an exploitation that goes on all over the country. And it’s only exacerbated by the privatization of public housing and the government cutting these properties off from essential funding.


During difficult times such as when a building needs to be evacuated, it is important that the board and management team communicate regularly with one another. The best condominium teams share their knowledge and resources with one another in an open and honest manner. They will also make sure that they are time-oriented when conducting meetings and other project work so that all tasks remain on track.

Last Word

The management team at City Towers is one of the most knowledgeable, professional and friendly teams that I have ever come across in my 20+ years living in the city. They are always responsive to residents concerns and requests. I can’t recommend them enough! I have seen them perform in other buildings they manage and they are the best in their industry.

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