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Brides are more frequently spotted sporting jewellery with vibrant flowers. Most brides have chosen to wear this trend in flower jewellery instead of their usual jewellery for the Haldi ceremony. Let’s examine them in more detail!

Every wedding ceremony features a stunning bride donning elegant attire and jewellery. However, consistently wearing the same jewellery can come off as boring. Not to fear, flowers will come to the rescue! For events like the haldi and mehendi, wear floral jewellery. Online rose gold jewellery is best found at India Trend.

It is a refreshing contrast from the flashy kind and has lovely aesthetics. Furthermore, it’s unimportant that mehendi or haldi will make it filthy! That much is certain: choosing fashionable flower jewellery is frequently a sensible move. To the haldi ceremony, you can accessorise with flower jewellery whether you’re wearing a saree, lehenga choli, dress, or suit. It is important to remember that wearing yellow-colored floral jewellery would clash with the hue of the haldi paste.

Choose  jewellery that will still go well with your overall appearance after the haldi treatment in uncommon colours like pink, blue, or purple. The bride and the groom apply a turmeric paste, which is often produced with turmeric and any oil, on the day of the Haldi ceremony. On this day, the bridal couple is purified by employing the ancient custom of haldi to remove any impurities from their skin.

Generally speaking, turmeric has many benefits, but when it comes to your skin, it can work wonders as an astringent, preventing breakouts before your big day. Today’s brides are choosing to wear flower jewellery during the Haldi ceremony in order to ensure that they always appear beautiful, regardless of the ceremony. The Haldi ceremony traditionally involves the bride not donning her finest attire. Whether they are flower finger chains or flower necklaces, these floral Haldi jewellery pieces have gained widespread recognition.

 Types of Bridal Jewelry set online For Brides

  • Maang Tikka.
  • Kamarbandh
  • Armlets.
  • Necklace.
  • Earrings.
  • Hathphool.
  • Anklets.
  • Bangles or bracelets.


Glass bracelets are said to bring a married woman’s husband good fortune and safety. Varied regions have different bracelet colours and patterns. A chooda—a set of ivory and crimson bangles—is worn by brides in North India. The mother-in-law in Bengal gives her daughter-in-law an iron bangle that is typically covered in gold plating. Green bracelets are considered to be lucky and fertile in South India. The bajuband, or armlet, is another adornment worn by Indian brides customarily. It represents strength and ability, qualities that are essential for a bride. A beautiful piece that was a requirement for kings and queens in the past.


A lovely belt known as the kamarbandh, or waistline, gives a bride more grace. The jewellery is made so that you can hold a number of keys in your hands, symbolising the bride’s acceptance of power in her new residence.


A bride wears neckpieces on her wedding day, such as necklaces. These neckpieces typically have a massive, elaborate pattern and are made of gold. A mangalsutra is one of the neckpieces that the husband places around her neck during the wedding ceremony. After that, the wife wears it as a symbol of her love and loyalty to her husband for as long as either she or he is alive.

Maang tikka:-

The pendant of this lovely headpiece hangs in the middle of the forehead and is secured in place by a hook in the middle parting of the hair. It is thought that it hits the ajna chakra, which in Sanskrit means “to know or perceive,” at the point where it does. The chakra is symbolised by two petals, which stand for the spiritual, physical, and emotional sacred union of male and female.

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