elongated cushion cut diamond

What is a cushion-cut diamond look like?

Cushion cut diamonds are a type of fancy, round-cut diamond with a lovely, distinct pattern resembling a cushion on its surface due to how they were cut. What is a cushion cut diamond look like? Typically they are cut by removing small pieces from the top and bottom of the stone, followed by crown and pavilion cuts that shape its facets. This gives them their cushion-like appearance and creates symmetry in their appearance. In contrast to other fancy diamonds that can be shaped into any form imaginable with faceting, cushion cut diamonds are limited only by their cutting technique.

An elongated cushion cut diamond is the most popular shape for cushion cut diamonds. The other shapes are the Cushion modified brilliant, Marquise cushion cut, and Oval cushion cut. The elongated cushion cut diamond is a modern standard and has become more fashionable than the old, traditional cushion diamond. This is because of their large flashes and high brilliance from their larger surface area. The design allows light to enter through any part of the stone and bounce off from different angles as it exits through another side, thus creating more sparkle than if all the facets were on one side.

What are lab grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are the newest type of diamonds. This is the result of the latest scientific breakthroughs in growth technology. They are grown using sophisticated computer-controlled machinery, which is used to grow small diamonds in a controlled environment. Then, they are cut and polished to the highest standards.

Why lab grown diamonds are better?

  1. It’s environmentally friendly.

The manufacturing process of diamonds uses lots of water and energy. To produce a single carat of real-cut diamond, 1,600 tons of carbon must be mined and processed along with 1,000 tons of heat energy. No mines or natural resources were involved in the manufacturing process for a lab-grown diamond, so the production process was much more sustainable.

  1. They are more affordable.

Lab-grown diamonds are also 100% conflict free, so you can be sure that your diamond jewelry is purchased from an excellent source. They are also grown in a controlled environment and are carefully crafted to fit the highest standards in quality and craftsmanship.

  1. They are a perfect size.

The diameter of a full-cut diamond is usually 1.5 millimeters, while a half-cut diamond is usually 0.5 mm in diameter, and the slightest cut is that of a heart-shaped, which measures only 0.3mm in diameter. A lab-grown diamond has an average size of 1.2mm, making it rounder and more consistent in its characteristics, including color, cut, clarity and carat weight, compared to other diamonds grown in nature or by cutting into smaller pieces.

  1. They are made of carbon.

Carbon is the main component of a diamond, and it is referred to as the “most stable element” under normal conditions. Due to their durability and hardness, diamonds have been used for ages to symbolize love, strength, prosperity, and immortality.

  1. They are hypoallergenic, non-toxic & environment safe.

Diamonds never need to be cleaned, nor do they cause any allergic reaction upon contact with human bodies, unlike gold which can cause skin pigmentation issues when worn close to the skin. So unlike gold, there is no possibility of allergic reactions caused by diamonds like that from certain metals like nickel or cadmium.

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How to find good lab created diamond deals from www.rarecarat.com

  1. Shop online for the best deals.

The beauty of buying online is that you can easily compare many different types of diamond jewelry and see which diamond, design, and the setting is best for you.

  1. Research.

When looking for a lab created diamond, it is essential to research different types of diamonds before making your final decision. Hundreds of different kinds of diamonds exist, so first, make sure you narrow down your look to one particular type or shape you want or want to avoid. Then look into the different color categories, including fancy and rare colors.

  1. Know your budget.

Know your budget before you start shopping for diamonds. It helps to set a limit on how much you are willing to spend and stick to it rather than letting sales associates entice you into buying an item that is way beyond your budget. This will help you from getting trapped into paying more than what you originally wanted to spend.

  1. Make sure it is certified.

Cheaper diamond jewelry stones are not certified, which means there is no proof that they are genuine or unaltered by artificial methods. The only way to ensure that a diamond is natural and is not tampered with in any way is through certification. This assures customers of its quality and value.

  1. Shop for the best price.

When looking for a diamond online, compare prices to find the best deals on lab created diamond jewellery and ensure you are receiving a quality product at an affordable price.

  1. Buy from trusted retailers.

To ensure you obtain only high-quality diamonds, shop with trusted retailers that have been around the block before by reading reviews of their products, checking which index they are certified by, and looking into what their return policies are like. Be wary of retailers offering “no questions asked” guarantees if you have a problem with your item and then try to pass off your responsibility, saying that it was not under guarantee.

How much do diamonds cost?

The cost of diamonds varies widely depending on the characteristics of the diamond. These characteristics include color, cut and size. Diamonds that possess these characteristics will be more expensive than those that do not. The price will also depend on the location where it was purchased and whether or not it is certified.

Cost varies from $500 to $500,000 per carat for a diamond with no imperfections and excellent colour-grade clarity. A carat refers to the weight of a diamond, so a 0.25-carat diamond measures 0.25 grams or 0.007056 lb (or 35 mg).


We conclude that barring any conflict in the supply of diamonds, the use of lab-grown ones allows the world to enjoy diamonds even more than ever before. These lab-grown diamonds are affordable compared to those grown in nature and are hypoallergenic and non-toxic. The environment-friendly diamond manufacturing process will allow for much less impact on the Earth’s natural resources.


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