Coaching Is the Next Step for Businesses and Entrepreneurs Looking to Grow Their Business – Dr. O Can Help You Out

According to research, approximately 20% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open. There’s a multitude of reasons why this happens, among them being that those people did not have the proper guidance throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

So, you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a business owner, and you are looking to grow your business. How do you know where to go for help? 

Some people are fully certain of what they want to do next. Their blueprint steps are laid out with a meticulous timeline that includes both short-term and long-term goals. Others are lost; uncertainty about what to do and how to make the correct decisions for the company can feel overwhelming and crippling. 

When you feel like your business has the potential to grow to new heights, it might be time to involve someone else in the process to provide some guidance. Holding a doctorate in International Psychology Dr. Olivia West, also known as Dr. O, is an advocate, author, coach, consultant, and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and she could be just the right mentor for you. 

Here are some of the ways that Dr. O can help you as a business owner who wants to grow your business, or as an individual who aspires to be an entrepreneur or business owner. 


Coaching is a partnership between mentor and mentee. It is a relationship that is constantly evolving as the one being guided grows and shifts their focus to new sights. Both people must stay flexible and be open to new ideas while working together. 

As a business owner herself, Dr. O can provide real-life insights from her journey that other coaches could not. This establishes trust, which is the foundation for a long and strong professional relationship. 


Feeling lost on where to go next is normal. But, it is a hurdle that needs to be overcome. A good coach will start broadly to get a sense of the industry you’re in – or trying to break into – to see market trends. Once that is established, you can get into the nitty-gritty specifics of the next best moves for your venture. 


The right coach will have some connections, personally or professionally, that their mentee can make use of. Those connections might not get you exactly what you want immediately, but it is always important to create strong relationships with people for mutual benefit in the future. 

Growing your network is essential for any growing business. 

Coaching is not for everyone. Some people are not receptive to being coached and that 

is okay, but it is necessary to be introspective and honest that it is not for you. This way, both people do not waste time trying to force it. Other methods for professional growth exist that may be a better fit. 

If you need coaching and you’re an entrepreneur or business owner who wants to grow your businesses, or an individual who aspires to be an entrepreneur or business owner, this might be the right place for you. Dr. Olivia West wants to work with those who are ready to invest in fulfilling their dreams.

Dr. Olivia West takes on coaching from an angle that is different from other coaches because of her psychology background which gives her a better understanding of people. So, if you need a coach who knows about people and business, reach out to her here.

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