Ace Fashion Designer Nikita Karizma Styles Love Island Star Antigoni Buxton, Stirring a New Fashion Trend

Fashion designer and influencer Nikita Karizma seems to have turned over a new leaf with her work, going from her monotone fashion to forging a new style trend that is empowering yet bold.

As seen on her close friend, the Love Island star Antigoni, the designer has stirred a chainmail trend reminiscent of the 90s. In the recent release of her single, ‘You Can Have Him,’ Antigoni is seen wearing a golden chainmail design that perfectly synergizes with the Mediterranean goddess vibes and beat. Styled by Nikita, Antigoni is truly in awe of her chic designs and has collaborated with the ace designer multiple times.

The Love Island celeb was also spotted in Nikita’s shimmering metal mesh gold and leopard print dress that featured leather accents, ring hardware detailing, and a cutout silhouette at the show’s wrap party. The media highly praised the dress, and netizens adored Antiogoni’s daring look. 

Nikita understands the fashion space deeply, resulting from her upbringing in a family where fashion was the main business. Hailing from an Indian family, she grew up watching Indian factories and suppliers closely and developed an eye for color and design. Her late mother also inspired her, as she styled Bollywood stars like Miss World Aishwariya Rai for their appearances in London. As a media enthusiast, she saw her love for fashion grow as she worked in London interviewing celebrities on the red carpet for almost 6 years. 

After starting her own fashion brand, Nikita has had no reason ever to look back. Her unique business ideology, humanitarian approach to fashion, and ability to use dressing as a tool to empower women have set her on the road to success. Her style is inspired by her roots as an Indian and her life of learning in the UK. She oversees her fashion business from her London design studio, working directly with her team to design, develop, and manufacture her apparel line, skincare, and lifestyle items. 

As a fashion enthusiast with a conscience, her clothing label features Zero-waste and Vegan designs. All scraps and leftover materials are used to produce tote bags for charity or sent to students of fashion. Furthermore, the Nikita Karizma label donates a portion of profits to charities across the world, funding organizations helping the homeless, domestic abuse victims, and girls’ education. 

A trendsetter of chainmail designs in the 21st century, Nikita loves to explore classic styles and recreate them with a modern twist. Her unique silhouettes have been worn by celebrities like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian West, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Shilpa Shetty, Sonakshi Sinha, and many others in both Hollywood and Bollywood. There aren’t many designers who have managed to create ripples in both parts of the world; Nikita, however, has made it look so easy. 

With the introduction of the chainmail mesh clothing line, Nikita has taken over the fashion space in a clean sweep. You can check out her latest Spring Summer 2023 Future – the Planet Fantasia collection – here to see more of the emerging styles.
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