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Virtual Recruiting: Some Improvement Tips It To Get Its Maximum Benefit?

Due to Covid-19, recruiters face many challenges while recruiting candidates Improvement Tips. This is the main reason why virtual recruiting has become the most appealing option among recruiters these days. Virtual recruiting is the process where all the parts of the recruiting are done remotely.

It has turned out to be a standard method of recruitment in most companies worldwide. However, this recruiting process suffers from some challenges because of the bigger supply of talent.

So, it is essential to go appropriately and use some tips that will help you reap the benefits of virtual recruiting and overcome the challenges. Let’s check out:

Find out global talent across different platforms

Before the pandemic, the talent pool was limited to the surrounding areas of a particular office, as well as in crowded metros. There is no doubt in saying that applicants consider the office’s location from their home before applying for any job. However, talking about the remote work model, recruiters have obtained higher access to a wider talent pool across many countries and geographies.

The tip here is that avoid restricting your research to known platforms. Look for ways that can help you effectively recruit candidates from social media platforms like Facebook, Connect app, Meetup, Instagram, etc.

Enhance your hiring process with a little investment

The trend of virtual recruiting has saved the costs that are needed for travel, accommodation, and other things when it comes to in-person interviews. Virtual recruiting has decreased this cost in the hiring process, as a result, saving a lot of money.

All you need to do is to devote all these saved costs to smart tools and software applications that support you in making your recruitment journey better with a lot of conveniences. Like, there are applicant tracking systems out in the market to ramp up the hiring procedure.

Use ATS smart features

Different Application Tracking Systems have different features to offer. These apps let you schedule the interviews without any hassle. When applicants register on these apps, they can schedule their appointment with your HR department according to the availability of the slot. At the same time, conversations can be conducted to handle coordination for interviews. As the technology has eliminated the need for travel from one place to another in this pandemic time, remote coordination is done smoothly.

As the applicant tracking systems offer smart features, you need to use them to collaborate on the process of recruiting with ease. The trick you can opt for is to schedule interviews that are synced with the calendar of the interviewer and send reminders for interview feedback within just a few seconds.

Boost recruitment’s productivity using automation

If you have adopted the method of virtual recruiting and it has declined your hiring productivity, then it means that there is something you are lacking. Just consider your hiring process in a deep way and find out the problems that need to be solved.

Using the automation-like tools, you can enhance the productivity of the hiring process because logistic and travel issues are non-existent. Emphasize automation tools to reduce the workload of a recruiter to a greater extent.

Adopt recruitment software for a better infrastructure

As the remote working model is new to everyone, most companies have a hard time shifting to this model. Of course, some companies have endured this shift, but some are still struggling to cope up with this shift, affecting their current infrastructure.

If you are in this category, then don’t worry at all. You just need to subscribe to an ideal recruitment software to conquer the challenges. Recruitment software can be availed at a cheaper subscription fee, which will give you the right path. Start with a free trial and once you feel satisfied with its use, then only upgrade to its premium version.

Make your employer brand for a better in-person candidate experience

Of course, this trend also impacts the candidate experience. There are plenty of missing pieces, such as a gentle handshake, a friendly office environment, a warm cup of tea, etc. It is true that the candidate might get a robotic experience while attending interviews via video calls with virtual backgrounds. This is why the applicant’s opinion of your employer brand does matter a lot.

All it requires is to build your employer brand. It would be great if you take care of your career website, your social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Connected App, and many others. All of these are required to project your employee-centricity and work culture. Invest in the career site if you still don’t have one. Register with the social media sites to advertise job openings your company has.

Implement the use of 3 tools

As a recruiter, you can take complete advantage of virtual recruiting. If you still think that virtual recruiting has made the hiring process difficult, then you are missing something, somewhere. To overcome this challenge, technology is the right answer for you and it will transform your hiring process. Make sure you invest in some tools like recruitment software or ATS, employee onboarding tool, and video interview software (to integrate with different video interview tools). This way, you can have the below-mentioned benefits:

  • Such collaboration tools can help you in getting better coordination with multiple stakeholders
  • These tools offer you a seamless virtual onboarding procedure for your new candidates
  • The automation tool, you adopt, can be easily set up within less than 2 minutes
  • It increases the productivity of a hiring process, considering all major parts

Once you become comfortable with the use of any recruitment software or a video tool, then these tools also have premium versions, you can go with. Some tools have lifetime free option to use it, while others demand some money from a recruiter. Think wisely before investing in any recruitment app or other automation tool to increase the effectiveness of your hiring process in the form of virtual recruiting. Proceeding with some effective strategies and tips will help you to take your virtual recruiting to the next level.

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