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The Best Way To Dissipate The Laptop In 2020

Summer arrived, notebook computer cooling is a downright problem if the laptop cooling function is not strong, then it is likely to cause computer Caton,

automatically restart and so on, then how can we solve the problem in the summer notebook cooling it? Actually very simple, you can replace laptops with strong heat dissipation capabilities. The editor below will bring you several laptops with better heat dissipation capabilities. You can refer to it.

If you don’t want to replace it, then we can take some measures to solve it. Let’s get to know it together!

The solution to the poor heat dissipation capacity of the laptop:

First of all, we have to judge whether there is a heat dissipation problem in the notebook heat dissipation, mainly based on the following two points:

1. Whether the laptop startup speed is significantly slower, and whether there is a clear indication in the actual operation process. Graphics card pause;

2. Whether the notebook fever is serious when it is used lightly (web browsing, etc.)

The above two points can be used as a reference. If a similar situation occurs, the heat dissipation problem of the notebook is worth noting.

Now that there is a problem, how should we deal with it? laptops accessories manufacturers have developed many products that assist heat dissipation in response to user needs, among which notebook cooling bases are the most popular. When choosing a notebook cooling base, everyone also needs to make a choice based on individual circumstances.

If it is a thin and light notebook, the core graphics card is generally used, and the heat dissipation pressure is relatively small. Choosing the base of a laptop without a fan can meet the demand. Because the distance between the bottom of the notebook and the desktop is effectively extended, the heat dissipation of the notebook can be effectively improved.

For gaming-grade notebooks, more powerful hardware configurations are usually used laptops, and the heat dissipation pressure is even greater. Choose a cooling base with a fan to achieve better results. Now many products can also adjust the fan speed to meet the needs of unused scenarios.

What has been discussed above is the external devices for the heat dissipation of the notebook. However, relying on these alone cannot fundamentally solve the heat dissipation problem of the notebook. We must also solve the problem from the inside of the notebook.

First of all, it is the cleaning of the notebook’s cooling air outlet. The heat dissipation air outlet will have corresponding heat sinks, which are usually made of metal material and have a relatively compact structure.

During use, the accumulation of dust will cause blockage, which directly affects laptops’ heat dissipation. Therefore, cleaning the air outlet is a key step to solving the heat dissipation problem.

However, many notebooks currently use an integrated bottom panel structure, and the cleaning of the air outlet often involves the disassembly of the notebook. Therefore, if you do not have professional tools and strong hands-on skills, it is not recommended that you do it yourself. You can choose to deal with professional after-sales maintenance.

In addition to the air outlet, the important chip location is also the key to solving the laptop’s heat dissipation. The two main chips, notebook CPU and graphics card, generally have special heat-dissipating grease to conduct heat to the chip and help it dissipate heat.

However, different notebook manufacturers have different choices of heat dissipation grease, resulting in different heat dissipation effects. Moreover, after using for a period of time, the actual effect of heat dissipation silicone grease will be greatly reduced.

We can add new heat-dissipating grease by ourselves, and now there are patch-type heat-dissipating greases, just stick it on the back of the chip, and then remove the protective film. The same as cleaning the air outlet, it also involves the disassembly of the notebook, which requires a professional operation. Please do your best.

In addition, when using the laptops , some users will choose a film to protect the laptop, and even add a special protective film to the keyboard.

Although this can protect the laptop to a certain extent, it is undoubtedly an obvious drag on the heat dissipation of the laptop. Especially when the temperature is gradually rising, it is better to give up the keyboard membrane.

Finally, one more immature little suggestion. The hardware configuration of the notebook itself can also cause heat dissipation problems.

If the CPU, Hard disk, the performance of the memory is not enough to cope with daily work, which will inevitably lead to their overloaded working state, the heat generated will naturally increase, and the heat dissipation will be difficult to meet the demand.

The increase in heat will cause a decrease in the efficiency of the hardware and further increase the load, which will cause a vicious circle. Therefore, upgrading hardware products, such as key CPUs, hard drives, memory, etc., will help improve the overall cooling performance of the notebook.

The reason why this is an immature little suggestion, because the actual cost of these methods may be very high, the specifics also vary from person to person and are not suitable for everyone.

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