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The Best Pickleball Paddles For Advanced Players

Whether you’re testing your touch game or mastering dinks, you’ll appreciate the power that this fully encased paddle brings to your court. This is a great choice for advanced players who are looking to add spin to their game. It’s also a great option for beginner players, thanks to its oversized face. This increases consistency as you build a sense of touch with the ball over time.

1. ProXR Zane Navratil Middleweight Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

The ProXR Zane Navratil Middleweight Carbon Fiber pickleball paddles is a top-of-the-line choice for players looking to enhance their game. It features a 14mm Polypropylene honeycomb core and a t700 carbon face that provide exceptional power and extreme spin. Its shock foam edge guard minimizes vibrations and expands the sweet spot for consistent accuracy. With a six-inch handle, the Carbon 14 offers great speed and feedback near the net. However, its small sweet spot and tight grip circumference may be an issue for some players.

This paddle suits players at the early intermediate to pro levels who prioritize control over big power. Its T700 ultra-raw carbon face grips the ball longer for extreme spin, while its 6-inch elongated handle design provides extra leverage and room for backhands. The 8.2 oz weight is also ideal for players who favor a defensive strategy. It is not recommended for pure power players, who might be better suited to thermoformed options such as the B&B Filth or Six Zero DBD.

  1. 2. CRBN Power Series 3X 14

The CRBN Power Series is the perfect best pickleball paddles for those looking to add some serious pop to their game. They have a nice amount of sweet spot coverage and give you a fighting chance against slam bounces when trying todink the ball back over the net. It is a bit on the stiffer side compared to other 14mm thermoformed paddles, however, it’s still quite forgiving and will help you develop your soft game if needed.

CRBN started the spin revolution with their original Control Series, and the new ‘X’ line of paddles are designed for players looking to add some extra aggression to their game. This particular model, the CRBN 3X, is designed to bridge the gap between players looking for full beast mode and those who prefer a hands battle paddle. The elongated shape and short handle length provide a great mix of maneuverability and power.

3. JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion C2 16

The JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion C2 16 pickleball rackets paddle combines the Aero-Curve shape of Ben’s signature paddle with the latest technology from Joola. This includes the Carbon-Charged Surface, which is the paddle surface of choice for top players in the world and improves both paddle face durability and spin potential.

The Hyperion C2 also retains the original Hyperion’s 16mm Reactive Honeycomb Polymer Core encircled by the Perseus’s Hyperfoam Edge Wall to provide industry leading vibration dampening, comfort and realistic power. And, like the Hyperion and the Perseus, it’s all wrapped up in a comfortable Feel-Tec Pure grip and 5.5 in. handle to encourage players to power or finesse their way through long, patience testing rallies around the NVZ. This is a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their game, but doesn’t want to break the bank! It has a slightly lower swing weight than the 127 that the Hyperion has, and it’s better for faster hands.

4. SLK Neo

The SLK Neo is a lightweight pickleball paddle set that can enhance gameplay for players of any skill level. A graphite face and honeycomb core combine for power and control, while the standardized USAPA pre-cut handle is easy to adjust to fit your hand. The CRBN Power Series 3X 14 is another middleweight option that can boost your play. The company added thermoformed engineering to their already impressive carbon friction surface, which allows for more spin potential and improved paddle stability.

This USAPA-approved paddle is a great option for newcomers to the game of carbon fiber pickleball paddle, as Dutrieuille says it’s affordable and high-performing. It features a flared handle that more closely resembles that of a table tennis racquet, and it comes in 13 different color options. It’s also available in a bundle with two pickleball balls and a bag. Weight: 7.5-8.2 oz.


If you play pickleball regularly and are an advanced player, it’s time to upgrade. These are the best pickleball paddles that will take your game to the next level. If you dink endlessly and prefer strategic shots, then a control paddle is for you. These paddles will provide great paddle forgiveness and feel while sacrificing some power.

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