Gems India

Gems India A Silk Road Marvel!

I first was captivated by the gleam of gems and treasure from a far away land. I was shocked, could they be real and for such a bargain? I had my booty inspected by gemologists on numerous occasions at the local jewelry supply shop in Seaside, California. Each and every time the gems checked out, they are all real gemsindia.

Gems India is a horde thats awaits a dragon to swoop in thunder and claim its bounty. Some of their gems are massive like a ruby that weighs over 110 pounds (50 kilograms). Stones that make a statement, thats Gems India at its finest. Anything from labradorite cabochons to fine cut tanzanite, or maybe something excessively large, Gems India has a flare for the wholesale. Perfect for the nimble craftsmen to get a fine stock to make unique jewelry and fine art. 

Then there is Ganesha, solid aventurine and rose quartz Ganesha. The Ganesha are lovingly embellished with precious metal paints and brighten up any shrine. On your next trip to eBay, pay Gems India a visit you will never regret and a trinket to always treasure.

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