nonlinear optical thermometry

Temperature, an essential physical quantity, is commonly and extensively utilized in everyday life, research as well as industrial manufacturing. A wide variety of thermometers of different construction is built on various principles of temperature sensing. A lot of them are in commercial production, and the market of temperature sensing isContinue Reading


Kani Leather Tannery founded in 1962 by Mr. Mehmet Nuri Toktas in Kazlıcesme / Istanbul / Turkey. The passion for tanning leather has passed from grandfather to grandsons today. Our adventure has started in 1962, in 1990, Kani Leather Tannery has moved to the new plant in Usak province whichContinue Reading

grow tent heater

With the changes in modern technology, everything has been improved a lot and we have got the finest solution which you need. As we all know very well that growing marijuana is illegal and many countries have imposed a serious ban on its cultivation. It is great news that manyContinue Reading