Minecraft Movie Bulking Out the Cast List

Minecraft Movie Bulking Out the Cast List

With the number of Minecraft accounts increasing by the day, Minecraft is now more popular than ever. Not only has Microsoft been making some serious bank on the game, but they are making even bigger bank on merchandise. Microsoft is banking on making even more cash when the Minecraft movie launches in April 4th, 2025…and we have the latest casting information.

Now, we know that the Minecraft movie isn’t news about the game, but we reckon that what happens in the movie will have a massive impact on the game in the future. For example, we can expect to see new skins that you can spend your Minecoins on, and probably a few Minecraft maps that show off the world of Minecraft. Plus, if you love Minecraft (and have been playing with one or more Minecraft accounts for a while), then you’ll almost certainly want to see how this sandbox game hits the big screen.

Casting Announcements for Minecraft

Weirdly, the Minecraft movie has managed to score a few decent actors for it. Although, we suppose the amount of cash that is likely being pumped into something that is virtually guaranteed to be a success helped.

The latest additions to the cast include Jason Mamoa and Jack Black, the latter just coming off a huge amount of success from the Super Mario Bros. Movie where he played Bowser. In the Minecraft movie, Jack Black is likely to play Minecraft Steve, who Minecraft fans will know as the ‘main’ character in Minecraft…even if he is voiceless in the game.

In addition to this, we’ll see Jennifer Coolidge, Jemaine Clement, Kate McKinnon, Emma Myers, Sebastian Eugene Hansen, and Daneille Brooks. So, that’s a pretty hefty cast list right there. More could be added in the future.

What is the Minecraft Movie About?

We have absolutely no idea. The team behind the Minecraft movie are keeping their cards pretty close to their chest. All we know is that the Minecraft movie is currently filming in New Zealand. It is likely to be a movie that blends live action and CGI, but who knows what the plot will be like. Anybody who has ever played Minecraft will know that the game doesn’t really have any plot (outside of the Telltale Minecraft: Story Mode games that came out a while back).

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While Minecraft is incredibly popular right now, we reckon it’ll get even more popular when the Minecraft movie comes out, and in the lead-up to the movie, there’ll likely be some top deals in the game. In fact, the marketing has already started. So, why not load up your Minecraft accounts with a Minecoin gift card or two? Get some Minecoins gift card on your account so you can enjoy downloading all the Minecraft movie skins and Minecraft maps as and when they come out. While you’re waiting for those, you can see what other things your Minecraft Minecoin gift card can get you.

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