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Cortech Developments – Integrated Fires Safety and Security in the Hospitality Market

Hospitality is a diverse and wide-ranging sector with distinct fire safety and security requirements. Prestigious hotels and chains alike can greatly benefit from the efficiencies and accountability that an integrated solution can provide across life safety systems, security and access, and even energy management. Integrated fire and security systems can help deliver impressive seek and search KPIs and keep guests, staff, buildings and other assets safe.

Investing in a ‘future proof’ technology isn’t a cost, it is an essential part of responsible hotel management Full integration of modular software systems designed to simplify the control and management of otherwise disparate systems such as Datalog 5 provides hotels with the opportunity and flexibility to add to the system and increase situational awareness and accountability whilst reducing risks and operational costs.

Datalog provides hotel management with a central monitoring solution which delivers greater visibility, reduces emergency response times, enhances operational efficiency, and increases accountability, all while providing peace of mind for staff and guests alike.

Fire Alarm Integration

By integrating fire alarm systems into Datalog, the establishment gains a fast and reliable means to locate a fire in its incipient stage, enhancing critical fire protection goals:

  • Life safety
  • Property protection
  • Reducing emergency response times
  • Continuity of operations

Hotels have a duty of care to their staff and guests in case of an emergency. The local fire department will set specific seek and search targets, 60 seconds to acknowledge the alarm and 5 minutes to commence evacuation of the building if required etc.

By utilising Datalog, operators can quickly assess the nature of any fire alarm signal and pinpoint the location of fire origin to their emergency response teams, to enable them to either verify or dispute the immediate requirement for the rapid deployment of the fire brigade. This approach helps to reduce time wasted on false alarm signals but where there is a genuine threat, enables the hotel’s emergency response teams to react in the appropriate, time efficient manner.

Integration of Other Systems

One of the most important responsibilities of hotel management is to secure the facility, protect customers, guests, staff, and safeguard the property. Security and safety are both vital in the hospitality sector and on this basis the hotel most implement sufficient measures to protect guests, employees, physical resources, and assets.

Hotels generally have multiple additional spaces such as gyms, spas, swimming pools, and restaurants, to name a few. Datalog has the flexibility that allows Cortech technical partners and end users to select the particular system offering and configuration that is required and to ensure the installation has sufficient scope at set up and for future developments, integrating the sites systems to provide pinpoint locations in the event of any alarm signal being generated.

The integration of intruder alarm and access control systems, provides signals from emergency incident and disabled toilet alarms, Datalog integration even allows you to monitor the position of high value assets displayed across the property, provides the security teams with a visual representation of exactly where an incident has occurred. The efficiencies inherent in Datalog systems integration also enables the hotel’s emergency response teams, as well as the emergency services if required, to reduce their response times to the event.

Integration of the CCTV system will also aid the hotel’s emergency response teams when dealing with alarm activations. Datalog has the ability to enable cause and effects between systems, meaning an alarm event on any system integrated to Datalog could be configured to automatically bring up live streams of all local CCTV cameras on a separate alarm screen. This provides the control room operatives with live footage of the local area to the alarm activation and better equips them to advise and assist their emergency response teams accordingly.


Datalog provides the hotel management with a fully integrated system software solution, that allows for operators to obtain greater visibility and situational awareness, whilst allowing them to respond to alarms, events, or alerts triggered in a more efficient and timely manner.

Datalog is a major asset for hospitality environments leading the way in both fire life safety and security for guests and staff with the very latest offerings in technology and systems.

Core Benefits:

  • Enables integrate multiple systems into a singular frontend.
  • Creates an alarm management platform which benefits any control room environment.
  • Provides a visual representation of where an alarm activation has occurred.
  • Reduces response to any potential emergency.
  • Enables emergency response teams to respond to the correct location.
  • Provides accurate information and situation status for emergency services if deployed.

It was essential that hotels and other hospitality establishments have fire and security solutions that when deployed, aid their response to emergency situations, equip response teams with the information they require, and are integrated and optimised to give the best protection for guests, staff and business assets.

If you would like to know more about Datalog and how Cortech can help your business, then contact us at 01925 750 600 or email [email protected]

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