How To Find The Best Laptop Repair In Sunnybank Hills

Laptops can have many of the same problems as desktop computers such as lagging, slow booting and erratic behaviour. However, they also face different issues such as keyboard, touchpad and screen problems. I can diagnose and repair these issues as well as do hardware upgrades. Often, computer upgrades can significantly improve the performance of an older laptop.


Norm’s Computer Services is proud to offer both desktop tower computer repair in Sunnybank Hills and laptop repair in Underwood. Desktop computers are actually the most straightforward to repair as they can be readily disassembled and any of their constituent parts (such as the hard drive, the power supply circuitry and the graphics) can be replaced if required. Laptops, on the other hand, are normally assembled in a much more integrated fashion with all of their functionality residing on the system board. This means that it’s often not cost-effective to replace failed components such as the hard drive or the RAM.

It very much depends on what the issues are with your 10 year old computer. If the problem is merely that it’s slow, this can be quite easily rectified by replacing the hard drive with a Solid State Drive which should leave your machine running faster than ever before. However if the motherboard has failed, then it’s probably not worth repairing and you’d be best off considering buying a new computer.


Norm’s Computer Services provides a full range of software-related computer repair and support. This includes issues with the operating system, internet connectivity, email handling, printing and other such problems. It also includes software installations and upgrades. This can include anything from a new printer driver to an anti-virus program or even a whole new operating system. There are various reasons why your 10 year old computer may be running slow. It might be the result of a software issue such as too many applications running, a virus or corruption of the operating system. It could have a hardware cause such as an ageing hard drive or lack of memory (RAM).

I can inspect your old computer and let you know what is possible. My pricing begins at $120 and this entitles you to one hour of troubleshooting time. If it requires more intensive work such as a reinstall of Windows then this will cost additional.


When a laptop isn’t working correctly it may have software or hardware problems. My troubleshooting services can help identify and resolve these issues so your laptop repair in Sunnybank Hills can function at its best. Technology grows fast and it can be hard to keep up with the changes. I can assist with advising on new hardware and software upgrades to ensure that your computer stays up-to-date and runs efficiently. Unlike desktop computers, the constituent components of laptops are not as readily accessible. This is because the power supply circuitry and graphics are normally integrated into the system board. Nevertheless, it’s normally possible to replace failed hard drives and RAM.

Is your laptop running too slowly? This could be the result of a software problem, such as having too many applications running in the background or a virus. Norm’s Computer Services can troubleshoot the problem and, in most cases, leave your laptop running faster than it ever did before.


I can assist with repairing laptops, including replacing failed hard drives and upgrading to Solid State Drives. My pricing begins at $120 and this entitles you to one hour of troubleshooting time. If your laptop has a straightforward software issue, it’s likely to be resolved within this time. Unlike desktop computers, the constituent components of a laptop aren’t always as readily accessible. For example, the power supply circuitry and the graphics are often incorporated into the system board. Nevertheless, it’s normally possible to replace a failed hard drive and RAM, although in the case of a system board failure it may not be cost-effective to repair the computer.

Both laptops and desktop PC’s can experience issues with their operating systems, with internet connectivity, with email handling, and with printing. I can help with these and many other computer-related problems. I can also assist with resolving home network issues, including improving wireless performance. I can also assist with printer and scanner setup in your home.


A plethora of computer-related problems can plague your device. From a shattered screen to constant lagging, fixing your laptop can be difficult. Unlike desktop tower computers, laptops can be more complicated to disassemble and replace constituent parts such as the hard drive, power supply or graphics card. However, software issues are usually resolved within an hour of troubleshooting unless a reinstall is required.

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