How Can I Succeed at QNET?

The popularity of the direct selling industry is on the rise worldwide. So, how can I succeed at QNET? The truth is that anyone can thrive at the e-commerce-powered direct selling company. With hard work and dedication, hundreds of thousands of distributors have become successful entrepreneurs.

A successful QNET distributor is a person who is passionate about helping people take charge of their lives through the company’s products and business model. The company’s CEO, Malou Caluza, says that the ideal distributor “leads with integrity and honesty.”

When the company was founded in 1998, it was named GoldQuest to reflect that it only sold commemorative gold coins. Today, it features hundreds of products in various categories, including health, wellness, jewelry, and travel. The company has a presence in more than 25 countries. It operates in regions with the most sophisticated and stringent laws and regulations governing this industry, including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Germany. In addition, the direct selling company ensures its operations are entirely legal and compliant with local laws.

The direct selling firm has always complied with local regulations in any country it has operated in, paid taxes, and contributed to numerous philanthropic activities. In addition, it instills a strict code of professional conduct in its distributors and penalizes those who violate its policies and procedures.

According to Caluza, “The company focuses on helping independent representatives understand how [its] products can help them address some of the challenges they face, be it with air and water quality, or nutrition deficiency, or even in learning a new skill.”

The Direct Selling Industry Does Not Require Any Special Skills

The direct selling company is accessible to anyone interested in becoming their own boss. It doesn’t require any specific technical qualifications or background to succeed in direct sales at QNET.

“I am proud to say that I am part of a company that has always promoted diversity in all aspects of our business. Our founders have always promoted a merit-based culture, which shows in our people’s demographics,” says Caluza. “We have tried to set a benchmark in inclusiveness and equal opportunity for those who are passionate and committed to growing themselves and the company.”

Many people who lost their jobs or other steady sources of income during the COVID-19 pandemic turned to direct selling opportunities. “It is reported that after an initial slump, most direct selling companies are seeing an increase in distributor sign-ups across the board,” says Caluza. “Also, companies specializing in health, wellness, and nutrition products are seeing a spike in sales as more people look for products to boost their immunity and protect their families.”

A report from The World Federation of Direct Selling Associations stated that out of 119.9 million people worldwide involved in the direct selling industry, 74% are women. “For many people, direct selling offers them a great platform to become micro-entrepreneurs and build a sales business promoting such products when they sign up as distributors of direct selling companies,” says Caluza. “The good thing about the direct selling business is that it is a great equalizer. It is gender-neutral and does not discriminate based on age, education, or socioeconomic background.”

Caluza says, “Anyone can have access to the opportunity to become an entrepreneur at a very low cost, provided they are willing to put in the hard work and have the right mindset to build a business. It has also proven to be a recession-resistant industry and has prospered through all the major economic crises the world has faced over the years.”

The freedom to build a business on one’s own time line adds to the appeal of direct sales. That flexibility makes it attractive to those looking to increase their income without the requirements of a brick-and-mortar place of business. “Direct selling is truly an industry where gender or background does not dictate one’s success; hard work and a passion for building relationships with people is the most integral part of our distributors’ success stories,” says the CEO.

“In addition to product sourcing, direct selling companies also work with a number of other small businesses as part of the supply chain, including logistics and warehousing. So, in addition to enabling people to become entrepreneurs and build their own business, direct selling companies also support a number of other small and local businesses.”

CEO Malou Caluza Explains: How Can I Succeed at QNET?

Prosperous distributors are committed to the business for the long term. Caluza said, “We have always maintained that QNET is not for those looking for overnight success. This is evident in the success stories we share. Every one of the top leaders that our network looks up to today started with nothing and built their businesses slowly but steadily. It took them years to get to where they are today. They are our best ambassadors for the message that success at QNET takes hard work and consistent effort over a period of time.”

Successful distributors utilize the company’s business tools to their advantage. “Once you have put in the work and diligently followed the best practices that you are trained in by [the company], the results will be rewarding. It may take time, but it will be worth the wait,” says Caluza.

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