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Wix Answers Review: An Explanation of the Customer Support Platform

Let’s talk about a few Wix alternatives in this article to replace your existing online business. Following that, you can think more carefully about switching from Wix to Shopify, Wix to Squarespace, or to other platforms.

Now Without Further Ado, let’s Begin!

Describe Wix

As a platform for cloud-based eCommerce, Wix was introduced in 2006. For creating simple websites, it has a wonderful drag-and-drop site builder. With 7,043,216 active websites worldwide that it has powered, Wix is one of the best alternatives to Shopify.

The simply named Wix Answers, which Wix recently relaunched, aims to address your issues with enterprise-level customer assistance. The platform is intended to give businesses wishing to enhance their customer support options a comprehensive service hub.

However, what precisely is Wix Answers? How does it function? How will it do against platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, and others of such nature?

We’ll go a little more into this new platform in this article so you can assess whether wix answers alternatives to your customer service concerns.

Describe Wix Answers

  • In a nutshell, Wix Answers is an enterprise-level customer support platform created to combine tickets, emails, phone calls, and messages into a single hub, resulting in a seamless customer and staff service experience. Among the main characteristics are:
  • 360° picture of the history of client complaints
  • robust information base for self-service
  • Integrated live chat capability
  • AI-driven suggestions for prompt responses

Clearly laid out Interface

Prior to being recently productized for commercial usage, Wix Answers was formerly the customer service platform used by Wix workers to manage its 160 million members.

How Do Wix Answers Function?

When Wix Answers claims to be an all-in-one customer support solution, they are not kidding. The platform’s timeline view of client interactions is arguably its most alluring feature and operates exactly as you would expect a flawless customer care platform to: by condensing everything into a single perspective.

Every customer interaction, including phone calls, live chats, messages, emails, and even Facebook interactions, is collected by https://help-desk-migration.com/wix-answers-alternatives/ and put on a single timeline for each client. This implies that the customer’s whole history of complaints will be available to the agent in issue when the consumer contacts them. No more repeating problems, asking the same questions, or providing the same answers.

Wix Answers also offers some beneficial self-service capabilities that are intended to reduce the workload for your representatives. It enables you to develop knowledge bases, which are online informational hubs packed with material that can assist clients in resolving issues on their own.

There are Four Main Pricing Tiers Available for Wix Answers

You will have to pay $24 per agent per month for the Self-Service package, which only lets businesses use the knowledge base features. As a result, you will be able to develop a self-service area that is stocked with information that will enable users to resolve issues on their own.

You will be charged $60 per agent each month for the Multi-Channel package. Along with the ticketing system and live chat features, it includes all the knowledge management tools found in the Self-Service plan. You now have access to the all-in-one hub customer service platform via Facebook, live chat, email, and web forms. You’ll also have access to the knowledge base’s AI recommendations, which significantly enhances the functionality of self-service.

You may simply add call center capabilities to the Multi-Channel plan with the unlimited plan, which will cost you $80 per agent each month. This implies that calls will appear in the portal together with client experiences from email, web forms, live chat, and Facebook, giving you the most comprehensive picture of customer complaint history.

You may get exclusive call center, live chat, and ticketing system features with the Call Center plan for $56 per agent per month. Through a real-time dashboard created for phone complaints, you can benefit from functions like call recording, monitoring, and routing. Make sure phone support is all you’re looking for before choosing, as you lose access to the other, probably more remarkable Wix Answers capabilities.

Wix Pricing Plans Answers

Do Wix Answers Require a Wix Website?

No, you do not need a Wix website to access Wix Answers, to put it as simply as possible. The platform functions independently of the website because the company is separate from (albeit still owned by) Wix. There is no need to be concerned about Wix Answers’ functioning when using other website builders, such as Squarespace or WordPress.

Is Wix a Reliable Website Builder?

We can certainly state that Wix is fantastic for creating websites, not simply decent. In reality, Wix is the greatest website builder money can buy, according to our thorough analysis of the leading website builders on the market.


For starters, Wix has an interface that is really simple to use and straightforward enough for even a complete newbie to grasp. The website builder also has strong ecommerce tools, allowing you to easily set up your online store. Finally, Wix offers some of the most cost-effective pricing options in the market, so you’ll receive a lot of value for your money if you choose to design your website with them.

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