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From Using a Software Tool by Mindbody to Starting Small & Having Expert Branding – 5 Tips When Starting an MMA Studio

If you’re thinking of starting your own MMA studio, you will find this guide useful. It runs through some useful tips that you will like, like starting small, making sure you have ample experience first, using a client service software, such as a software tool by Mindbody, and marketing yourself well. Read ahead for more information.

1.      Start Small

Whenever starting your own studio, one of the best pieces of advice would be to start small. You don’t need a large space for your clients to train in, as you probably won’t have hundreds registering to train at first.

2.      Be Experienced

Ask yourself whether you have enough experience before starting your gym. If you haven’t won many tournaments and awards, you would have not built a name for yourself so there wouldn’t be many people registering for your classes. I would advise you to work on this first.

You also need to have a lot of experience as you won’t be able to guide customers that well otherwise. They would end up leaving you for your rivals.

3.      Market Your business

You need to treat your gym like a business, so it’s important that you market it well. I’m talking about hiring a team to do campaigns.

Along with social media marketing, you should also invest in content marketing, and online advertisements. The former is definitely something that many people forget about.

As you can imagine, being experienced and knowing what you are doing will help with word of mouth. You will be able to get more clients to sign up for training if you treat everyone who has sessions with you well.

The location you choose for your studio will influence how affective your marketing tactics would be. You would be able to get more clients signing up if you choose a studio that is in an urban area that has ample transportation.

4.      Customer Management

You need to invest in good customer service software. The software tool by Mindbody is ideal, in my opinion. It will let you track client payments, what they are up to, and give you cloud access to all of your employees.

It is by far the most important tool for running MMA business, as you can get everything you need at your fingertips.

5.      Price Competitively

Remember to price competitively. You may want to charge lower prices to attract more clients, but this can back fire and lead you to not make a profit. Study rival studios and analyze the prices per hour that they charge.

Final Thoughts

There are some tips and tricks that you can utilize when trying to start your own MMA studio. Investing in a client software, like the software tool by Mindbody is a good choice. But you should also focus on marketing and build your fighting experience too.

Hopefully you found all of the points that were run through useful.

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