Dining Adventurously: Travel Bloggers Ryan & Joelle Share the Importance of Valuing Traditional Cuisine

Beautiful scenery, bustling cities, entertainment spots, and interacting with locals – all of these elements contribute to the success of a trip. But there is an element without which any trip is incomplete. That is the cuisine. The local flavors help you fully understand and immerse yourself in the culture. By this token, Ryan Slough and Joelle Machia, a unique pair of travel bloggers, share the importance of appreciating local cuisine on their popular blog Wanderers Compass. 

Ryan, a Military Police Officer, and Joelle, a retired Clinical Research Nurse, have traveled to more than 50 countries across six continents. They write about their adventures on their blog and share what it means to truly experience a culture. One of the things they emphasize is to seek unique and authentic traditional cuisine. 

People often speak through their food,” note Ryan & Joelle as they share the importance of culinary adventures. They emphasize being brave enough to try the unknown. It isn’t necessary to love everything you eat, but not even trying it once is a crime against the culture.

It is a window into their heart, culture, and traditions. We need to take the time to listen to them and appreciate the story,” the duo elaborates. Ryan & Joelle also urge travelers to let their taste buds feel the adventure. “Why should it only be your eyes that experience adventure?” they ask. 

Ryan & Joelle share tips and tricks to make the most of a culinary adventure when dining abroad. They post recipes from traditional Hungarian Goulash to Italy’s Tomato Balsamic Bruschetta. They also introduce libations, from Portuguese Ginja d’Obidos to French Grand Marnier. With so much relevant information, immersive writing & wonderful pictures, Wanderers Compass will inspire you to take your palate on a succulent adventure.

Thanks to the mouthwatering photos & delicious recipes of unique cuisines, Wanderers Compass has gained overwhelming popularity; 775K impressions on Pinterest, 36 million people reached on Facebook & 9 million on Instagram. That’s not all – Wanderers Compass is featured as one of the Top Ten Most Incredible Travel Experts for Adventure Lovers in 2023 in LA Weekly. 

Wanderers Compass is not merely about sharing travel stories. It’s about inspiring others and helping them to create authentic, independent & life-changing trips. Ryan and Joelle provide the resources and tools you need to plan & enjoy a trip. They also share health & travel guides so travelers can travel with proper preparation. 

To taste Ryan & Joelle’s savory travels, visit Wanderers Compass & let them help you plan an adventure for your taste buds.


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