Dexcare – Healthcare Access Through Data-Driven Intelligence

Dexcare is a series B venture-backed health industry tech company on a mission to create exceptional healthcare access experiences for everyone. A team of experienced healthcare and technology veterans leads the company.

The DexCare platform enables patient discovery of care resources by helping them search, navigate and book care across physical and virtual settings. It uses an intelligent routing engine to optimize healthcare system capacity.

Powered by a Data-Driven Intelligence Engine

Data-driven intelligence is a big data approach that uses data analysis and advanced analytics to identify patterns, make informed decisions and adapt to new information. It can help businesses see around corners, increase revenue, reduce costs and support sustainable growth.

Data intelligence enables contextual understanding of data, enabling metadata-driven insights into data classes, quality, lineage, ownership, transformation and relationships. This understanding can answer questions around who owns the data, what it does, where and when.

Similarly, it also helps organizations understand the reliability and value of their data assets as they are transformed into intelligently applied information. This can be essential to driving successful digital transformation initiatives and supporting automation initiatives.

Dexcare is powered by a data-driven intelligence engine that intelligently orchestrates digital demand and health system capacity across all lines of care. This results in a rich, fully-digitized and unified experience that attracts high-value consumers and amplifies existing health system EMR, caregiver and brand investments.

Attracts 30% More New Patients

Dexcare is a data-driven intelligence company focused on healthcare access. Its core offering is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that intelligently orchestrates health system capacity and digital demand across all lines of care. It automatically allocates, flexes and optimizes resources to best meet consumer demand – expanding the reach of all service lines into a new, digital, on-demand consumer arena.

Initially launched by Providence, the nation’s largest and most innovative health system, Dexcare has driven patient acquisition, navigation and capacity optimization for the organization since 2016. It’s used to drive demand for same-day care, urgent care, primary care and specialty care services across modalities from video, phone and in-person to virtual.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Providence scaled Dexcare’s platform to meet a 30-times increase in patient visit volume and helped the health system coordinate resources and shift from in-clinic to telehealth visits, getting patients the care they needed when it was most needed. It enabled service lines to attract 30% more new patients, capture 5x downstream revenue, generate $22 per patient encounter in cost savings and deliver a Net Promoter satisfaction score greater than 90.

Captures 8x Downstream Revenue

As health systems move toward digitally-enabled care, the competition for consumer attention is stiff. In this environment, dexcare has developed a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that intelligently orchestrates consumer demand and health system capacity across multiple service lines, care modalities, settings and providers.

Using a data-driven intelligence engine, Dexcare’s algorithms scour the Internet to identify and route consumers to the right provider, service line or modality, at the right time, and in the best place for them. The result is a highly discoverable, fully-digitized experience that enables streamlined scheduling, patient registration and payments.

Powered by a team of data scientists, the DexCare platform delivers a top-of-the-line solution to make a difference for both patients and health systems. For the health system, it offers improved patient engagement and satisfaction, more revenue ominously derived from digitally-enabled services, and lower cost of customer acquisition. For the consumer, it’s the smartest choice for an on-demand health and wellness experience that is simple to use.

Delivers Net Promoter Satisfaction Greater than 90%

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an established benchmark to gauge customer loyalty and company health. It’s a popular tool used by thousands of businesses across all industries to measure their customer experience and build long-term relationships with their customers.

Using an open scale from 1-10, NPS measures the likelihood that your customers would recommend your product or service to a friend or colleague. It’s important to understand that a score of 0 means you’re not very good at what you do, while a score of 10 means you’re very good at it.

Dexcare powers the digital engine of leading health systems across the U.S., including Kaiser, Houston Methodist, Mass General Brigham and others. Its digital experiences attract 30% more new patients, 85% of whom are commercially insured, capture 8x downstream revenue, generate over 20% per patient encounter in cost savings and deliver net promoter satisfaction greater than 90%.

Dexcare’s platform integrates all care services (virtual care, same day care, primary care, specialty care) to make it simple for consumers to find and schedule appointments, and request on-demand video visits within a single application. Its Intelligent Optimization engine manages provider capacity across same-day modes of care to match consumer demand.

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