Top Influencer and Mental Health Expert, Dr. Ketam Hamdan, Explains How to Be a Better Parent

Do you want to help your child recognize their potential and grow up to be mentally stable individuals? 

Of course, you do

Leading psychologist, Dr. Ketam Hamdan, has worked worldwide as an international management consultant and is passionate about fusing multiple disciplines like psychology, leadership, religion, and neuroscience to help awaken and make people more self-aware. 

Dr. Hamdan works with her clients, helping them learn how to be better parents. Her strategies and teachings are pretty unconventional and not a traditional parenting model. As a prominent researcher on statistics, Dr. Hamdan believes that it is high time to do things differently because the mounting numbers of mental health disorders amongst children and teens show how the current parenting model is failing miserably. She highlights how drug addiction, anxiety, and depression in children also increase year after year, proving that something terribly wrong is going on at home and in the systems. Her parenting model is not entirely focused on the child but happens to involve parenting  before they can start parenting their child. 

She says that to become effective parents, they have to understand their own triggers. When children are born, the connection is the heart of their survival and well-being. Infinite brain studies show what happens to infants if they don’t connect with their caretakers. Building that connection is the key to successful and effective parenting. 

The traditional way of parenting focuses on parents exercising control. According to Dr. Hamdan, the control model of the disciplined approach actually makes children feel unsafe, unseen, and unheard, thus leading to disconnection.  Feeling a sense of disconnection is the enemy of safety, love, and security in any relationship. Parents falsely believe that they are doing the best for their kids because they can control them. They think it is their job to prevent a child or give them some more discipline, but the reality is they have to understand themselves for children to respond more healthily. 

As a licensed therapist and educator, Dr. Hamdan explains that parents should make it a habit of focusing more on positive behaviors than on children’s negative behaviors. Scolding and reprimanding lead to an endless repetitive cycle and do not solve the behavioral issue as the child internalizes the criticism and punishments he is given. He then lacks the motivation to change his behavior as he is left uninspired.  

Dr. Hamdan believes that effective parents understand the better approach is to acknowledge and appreciate their children’s good behavior when they see it and refraining from blaming and shaming them for their poor behavior. Through her therapy sessions, she teaches her clients to own their need to feel respected by their children and demand it more effectively and calmly. Because at the end of the day, healthy parents raise healthy kids.

Dr. Hamdan, aka the Brain Health Doctor, is a true inspiration as she transforms lives and enables people to look deep inside themselves to heal and prosper. You can check out the brain doctor’s life-changing content on Instagram: @brainhealthdoc

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