Misty Loman – The Unconventional Woman Behind Sheriff Adam Bieber’s Mugshots

Misty Loman became a viral sensation when Sheriff Adam Bieber of Wisconsin posted her mugshot progression online. Her unconventional appearance shocked people and sparked many opinions about her state. Unfortunately, Bieber’s post failed to mention that she suffered from Scleroderma, bone cancer, and Lupus. These diseases degraded her health, causing her to look the way she did.

Misty Loman’s Story

Misty Loman is a woman who became a viral sensation after sheriff Adam Bieber of Wisconsin shared her mugshots online in 2019. The photos startled people because of her unconventional appearance. Many assumed that her strange look was due to drug addiction, which she admitted to doing at one point. However, her story is much more complicated than that. She was suffering from scleroderma, lupus, and bone cancer and it was those illnesses that caused her to become this way. Misty was at her lowest point in life when she lost her home, car, and family. She had a lot of stress in her life and it led to an onset of depression. Then, she also suffered from a health condition that caused her body to attack itself. The illness resulted in extreme pain and eventually, she lost two of her sons. Those tragic events led her to turn to drugs to escape from her nightmare.

As a result of her addiction, she developed a number of health issues. She was suffering from scleroderma, which is a disease that causes skin to tighten and harden. Despite the fact that there is no cure for the disease, there are treatments that can help ease the symptoms and improve her quality of life. She also had a bone cancer, which led to hair loss. After the sheriff released her mugshots, she became a viral internet star and gained a large amount of sympathy. She was also encouraged to seek treatment. Then, she moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky and joined Sisters in Sobriety treatment center.

In an interview with WBKO in October 2020, she stated that her children’s deaths were not drug-related. She went on to say that her sickness and trauma caused her to hit rock bottom and she was so desperate that she used drugs to feel numb. Fortunately, she found the courage to get clean and is now living a normal life. She has even started a blog and is trying to raise awareness about her plight.

Misty Loman’s Mugshots

Misty Loman was arrested for drug-related crimes. She was found to be addicted to meth and underwent a drastic change in her appearance as a result of her addiction. She became a viral sensation when Wisconsin sheriff Adam Bieber shared her mugshots online. He posted these mugshots to warn people about the dangers of meth use. However, he failed to mention that her unusual look was also caused by other factors. Misty had been suffering from various health issues and was undergoing treatments for bone cancer, lupus, and scleroderma. This was one of the main reasons for her gaunt appearance in her mugshots.

Misty’s story has inspired many people who are struggling with drug addiction. She has many supporters on Facebook, who have stood by her and defended her against the vilification she faced after her mugshots went viral. They claim that she is not only suffering from drug abuse but is also battling other medical conditions. They say that the sheriff should have researched her background before posting the mugshots. They also claim that the drugs found in her purse during the arrest were crushed Zofran, which is used to counter nausea as a side effect of chemotherapy. They are urging people to think twice before judging others.

Misty Loman’s mugshots show the drastic change in her appearance over time due to her meth addiction. However, she has not lost hope and is now in recovery. She has mended her relationships with family members and friends, and she is working hard to build a better future for herself. She has also started a foundation to help others with similar struggles. Her story is a testament that anyone can recover from addiction with the help of support from loved ones and long-term treatment. With her positive attitude and faith in God, she has given hope to people who are dealing with similar struggles. The world has been throwing rotten lemons at her, but she did not give up on life. She is now happy and has regained her self-esteem. She believes she is serving a higher purpose and does not fear death anymore.

Misty Loman’s Treatment

When Misty Loman’s mug shots were shared online, she gained a lot of attention. People called her a poster girl for meth addiction, and she became a trending topic on the internet. But people didn’t know that she was also suffering from rare diseases like bone cancer, lupus, and scleroderma. They also didn’t know that she had suffered from traumas like losing her children. Misty Loman has been struggling with drugs for years. She even tried to commit suicide at one point in her life. After she was arrested for drug abuse, she decided to seek help. She was placed in a rehabilitation center. After some time, she was able to recover from her addiction. She is now living a normal life and has found peace in her religion.

As she recovered from her addiction, Misty Loman became a role model for others suffering from drug use. She was able to prove that anyone can change their lives with a little bit of support from family and friends. She has been inspiring people around the world with her story of recovery and sobriety. Her journey from a meth addict to a person who is living happily with her family is a testament to the power of healing and perseverance. Her Facebook timeline shows pictures of her having fun with her family, and it seems that she has a bright future ahead of her.

Many people have criticized her for ruining her life, but Misty Loman hasn’t given up on her dreams. She has a new purpose in life, and she hopes to continue to inspire people through her recovery journey. She is now back in school and has her own business. She also has a personal blog where she shares her experiences. Moreover, she has also written a book about her experience as an addict and her road to recovery. She has helped many people with her journey and has encouraged them to follow their dreams. Her story is a true inspiration for all of us.

Misty Loman’s Sobriety

After a Sheriff in Wisconsin shared her mug shots on the internet, Misty Loman’s life changed forever. While her mug shots shocked many people, they also brought her a lot of sympathy. A Go-fund-me campaign was started to raise money for her treatment, and her story became viral. She’s now in the process of getting back her life together. In her mugshots, Misty looked extremely pale and weak. Her face resembled a skeleton’s, and her hair was thin. She was addicted to meth, and the drugs were slowly ruining her health. She had several health issues that led to her addiction, including lupus, scleroderma, and bone cancer. As a result, she was losing her family and going to jail frequently.

Misty was at her lowest point in life when she was incarcerated. She was suffering from extreme depression and had lost two sons in their infancy. One of them died in the womb and the other passed away 28 days after birth. To cope with this pain, she turned to drug abuse. She began to deteriorate quickly and her mugshots showed the drastic changes in her appearance. As a result, she ended up in prison several times and was arrested for drug use. Eventually, her family convinced her to get help. She enrolled in a long-term rehab and got clean. Now, she is 14 months sober and is enjoying her new life. She’s now back with her family and living a normal life. She’s even writing a book to share her journey with others. She wants to encourage others to seek treatment and believe in themselves.


While Misty’s mugshots went viral, they did not show her entire story. Her mugshots did not show the fact that she was suffering from lupus, scleroderma, bone cancer, and other health issues. While the sheriff’s intentions were good, he did not mention these facts. However, the viral mugshots did cause public awareness about her illnesses and encouraged people to support her. Her adversity inspired many people to become drug-free and live a healthy life. The sheriff’s intention was to deter drug users, but he actually succeeded in bringing them together and gaining their support.

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