Dance Classes for Everyone; David Outevsky Promotes Inclusivity, Bonding, and Leadership with Outevsky Bespoke Dance Education

“Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life.” – Anonymous.

As we study more about the history of dance, we find that this art is not specific to culture. People from every culture have been enjoying it for decades.

The founder of Outevsky Bespoke Dance Education, Dr. David Outevsky, promotes inclusivity in dance so everyone can make a mark in this field. He advocates that dance is not limited to specific people but is a universal art everyone can enjoy. 

David motivates people suffering from health conditions to embrace the benefit of this art. His classes welcome individuals with various abilities and challenges, including those who are visually impaired or hearing impaired, as well as those experiencing health conditions such as back pain, joint issues, or mental health concerns.

Connecting with people suffering from similar health problems can make them feel better as they enjoy their time learning this art.

The art of dance knows no bounds when it comes to age. David’s workshop Dance for Older Adults, focuses on older people who might suffer from age-related disorders such as spinal deformations, low bone density, and balance issues. He applies strategies to make this class more enjoyable for this particular age group by using relatable music and warm-up exercises.

By providing customized education in every field of dance, including movement, science, and culture, David has established himself as a dance master. He does not only specialize in performance but in dance sciences as well. Therefore, he understands how dance can unite people and make them feel more included and accepted in the community.

As many dance styles, such as ballroom and Latin, require a partner, David promotes bonding in dance. His workshop Effective Partnering provides training material to be a perfect dance partner and make the most of the experience. It summarizes his Ph.D. research on touch, weight-bearing, and visual contact in dance practices.

His workshop, Touch in Dance Education, promotes powerful dynamics between partners by incorporating different types of touch into their dance. You can enroll in this workshop with your potential dance partner and watch it to help you entertain the audience with your sizzling chemistry. 

At Outevsky Bespoke Dance Education, David also designs courses to exhibit the cultural significance of dance. In his lecture Cultural Choreography, you can learn different cultural aspects of dance, explore cultural meanings behind different dance styles, and learn to incorporate the understanding of cultural dance into choreography. 

His Dance History of the 20th Century and Dance Anthropology courses also provide a deeper insight into dance and its historical and cultural significance. In the future, David plans to offer more workshops on Latin and Afro-American cultural history to enlighten people about dance in their cultures. 

David uses his extensive knowledge and experience to make you feel more at ease with your body and to implement strategies that get you feeling more connected to your partner. His willingness to teach anyone and any dance shows his inclusion-driven mindset.

You can enroll in well-designed and comprehensive dance courses by visiting Outevsky Bespoke Dance Education.


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