Do-It-Yourself or Hire an Expert Recruiter to Find The Ultimate Dream Job? Ines Mokrani’s MatchMaker no.1 is Here to Help

There are multiple jobs in today’s candidate-driven market, but all aren’t perfect. In such a case, one wonders if the do-it-yourself approach to finding a job really works. Sometimes yes, but not very often! Most people don’t realize that working with a professional recruiter can open doors for better opportunities during today’s challenging times. Additionally, it can improve candidates’ chances of getting what they want, whether they are looking for a permanent role, a contract-to-hire function, or an onsite or remote position. 

Ines Mokrani, the top-notch recruitment expert, has honed her job-hunting skills, and her game is significantly on point. She founded MatchMaker no.1, which aims to help highly qualified people progress their careers by undertaking the work they want to do, connecting them with top-tier companies that align with their work ethics.

Today’s world is becoming increasingly digital – the professional world is evolving at a rapid pace. Gen-Y or Digital Natives are beginning to shape the world of work. Moreover, the demographic environment is giving young people freedom of choice. For them, the top priorities are not just high income and job security; but the values a company embodies are becoming increasingly important as well. 

Recruiting is about more than just filling the available positions. It is also about developing a pipeline of potential candidates for future hiring. MatchMaker no.1 pushes the set boundaries of talent acquisition and creates new chances by presenting professionals with jobs that complement their ambitions. That is what Ines is offering through MatchMaker no.1’s unmatchable services:

We at MatchMaker are experts in next-generation recruiting, specializing in executive search of experts, specialists, and managers in permanent positions, project business (freelancers), and personnel leasing using modern recruiting solutions in the digital age.”

Also, as a global partner, it uses its professional network to assist businesses in innovating, growing, and adapting to new working methods. Besides the digital processes, it is always important to remember that customers are at the core of the business world. That’s why personal interaction with customers takes precedence at MatchMaker no.1. 

Customer satisfaction is very high on our list. I think this is not only true for us but should be the case for all companies; without satisfied customers – no growth.

We have a very close relationship with our customers. We talk to our customers very often and conduct surveys to find out what is going well and what is not going so well,” says Ines.

MatchMaker No.1 uses the latest digital recruiting solutions, which cuts down on time losses without compromising quality. It utilizes the full range of social/professional media such as LinkedIn, Facebook/ Insta/ TikTok, etc. The vision is to link the organization and the employee, finding the best fit to achieve goals and ideas seamlessly.

Check out their official website if you’re looking for potential recruits or need to switch jobs for a better future.

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