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Best Online Coding Assessment Platform In 2022

In the forthcoming years, India will need around   skilled professionals across different sectors such as banking, financial services, logistics, housing, healthcare, security, and call centers. However, it has become a tremendous and challenging task for organizations to hire such enormous numbers of employees manually. Here, the question is how organizations can achieve such targets. Moreover, deploying the skill assessment system will enable your organization to achieve its objectives and goals to hire talent accordingly.

Skill assessment tools have assisted the hiring process significantly, and that has led to the immense growth of the recruitment industry in India. According to online recruitment statistics, around 95% of industries plan to accelerate their hiring process shortly by adopting modern hiring trends.   we can conclude that this software can act as the IT recruiter’s bible for hiring tech talent.

Consequently, various online coding assessments are added as the organization is required to evaluate candidates through all the possible aspects of hiring, such as communication skills, technical skills, and cultural fitment. So, here in this blog, we have made a list of the skill assessment companies that will enable you to deploy an ideal tool for the organization’s hiring needs.

Top Skill Assessment Companies in India

Yaksha is a skill assessment platform that assists you in scaling your hiring process effectively and efficiently. They will provide customized assessments for the pre-hiring screening, proctoring, integrations, security, certificate exams, candidate skills assessments, and training & development. They provide hackathons, role-based assessments, coding assessments, and knowledge-based assessments. They also give you solutions for the organizational growth process, such as analysis of training needs, performance evaluations, succession planning, leadership development, and identification of potential employees. You can connect with Yasha if you are looking for various L&D and HR solutions, such as campus hiring, talent screening, onboarding solutions, employee engagement, interview-as-service, and internal movement.


eLitmus is another leading platform in India that administers a national-level potential hiring test called the pH test, which has three sections: verbal ability, problem-solving, and quantitative skills. They offer a wide variety of online resources. These technologies make it simple for recruiters to screen and choose candidates based on this and numerous other criteria. eLitmus can effectively address both sides of this issue with fresh evaluation techniques and cutting-edge technology..

9 Links

9 Links provides you with online psychometric tests for organizational development and behavioral assessment. They provide in-depth, skill-focused modules for better job fit, performance reviews, and training & development that are thoroughly researched and created. The examinations can be adjusted for employment in different industries, levels of organizations, and functions. You can choose from various services they provide, including the 3SAQ, Sales Test, Customer Service Test, Cognitive Ability Test, Integrity Test, Retail Test, Behavioural Assessment, and Leadership Assessment.


In order to assist organizations in finding, screening, interviewing, and hiring competent people, HackerRank develops a unified dashboard. It offers a customizable IDE environment and a virtual whiteboard for assessing and ranking candidates according to their creative abilities to streamline remote hiring processes. Additionally, managers can use it to generate test cutoff scores and shortlist prospects from career websites, simplifying school visits. It provides you with a plagiarism detection system with the most authentic results. It is the most suitable platform for more than 95 technical jobs, eight pre-built frameworks, and 40 languages for their subscribers.


SHL skill assessments combine science, technology, and people, enabling recruiters to compile more information about a candidate than just workforce data. The candidate experience, recruiting efficacy, and efficiency are all improved by SHL’s selection solutions. By applying best practices and evaluations of the highest grade and presented through an accessible interface, you can rapidly locate people who are most compatible with the job, the company, and the culture. They offer you highly scientific and predictive robust analytics reports. The platform also supports 30+ languages and offers assessments in 7 large industries through their diversified assessments.

Easy Talent

Almost all mid-level and higher-level jobs require certain skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, attention to detail, and the capacity to acquire and use new information at work. EasyTalent may develop tests to evaluate these skills. Recruiters may use the platform to assess candidates’ job-specific competencies before conducting interviews. Furthermore, EasyTalent simplifies the hiring process to raise hiring quality and aids you in making better hiring decisions.It provides you with multiple format questions such as MCQ, MRQ, and  Likert Question. It enables the hiring managers to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge, cognitive ability, technical capabilities, language proficiency, and behavioral qualities.


Talview’s online exam solution is a good choice for businesses that need to administer many assessments, tests, or examinations. The exam types supported by this software, which can be customized, include MCQs, essays, online coding assessment, and aptitude tests. Talview provides online proctoring as a safeguard against exam cheating. When proctoring tests remotely, it seamlessly connects with the best learning management systems. Furthermore, it is mobile-friendly, allowing candidates to take exams from anywhere easily.


Xobin is a glitch-free assessment tool for psychometric, employee, and pre-employment testing. HR managers may streamline the recruiting life cycle, from pre-hire skills screening through video interviews and cultural fit assessment, using the Xobin online assessment platform. It is most appropriate for companies looking to evaluate applicants for psychometric, coding, or aptitude abilities throughout the hiring process. Over 800 approved and certified pre-hire skill exams are included.


In the above blog, we have gone through different organizations that provide the best coding assessment for recruiters to make the recruitment process simple and effective. Choosing the best tool depends upon the needs of your organization and also depends on ease of use.  Considering all these factors we can conclude that Yaksha is one of the best platforms that provide you with almost every feature required for a seamless recruitment process.


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