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Benefits Of Using Skip Bin Hire In Geelong

Skip bin hire is useful for a wide variety of waste disposal situations. You will need a Geelong skip when you have bulky items that are too large for your council wheelie bins. When choosing your skip size you will be taken to a page that clearly illustrates what types of rubbish each skip bin size can hold. This will help you avoid booking the wrong type of rubbish bin.

What Can I Put In A Skip Bin?

A skip bin can hold a wide range of waste materials. From green waste and household items to construction and demolition debris, white goods, plastics, furniture, glass, and more. However, some items are not suitable for a Geelong Skip Bin Hire including asbestos and chemicals. General light rubbish and green waste are allowed in all our bins.

Non toxic, household rubbish like food scraps, broken kitchenware, soft plastics, sanitary products and polystyrene is also acceptable. We can also provide special hardfill and concrete/brick skips for jobs like garden tidy ups, renovations and landscaping projects.

If you need to dispose of hazardous waste or chemicals, it is best to contact your local resource management centre for assistance. Many councils have special facilities that can handle these types of waste. It’s important to be aware of what you can and can’t put in your skip bin so that you can make the right decisions for your project. This will help you avoid fines and keep your environment safe.

How Much Waste Can I Put In A Skip Bin?

When you have a large amount of waste to dispose of, a Skip Bin Hire Geelong is the perfect way to get rid of it. It is far cheaper and easier than taking trailer loads of waste to the tip yourself. Depending on the type of waste you have, there are various different skip bin sizes available. You can find your perfect size by entering your postcode and selecting the waste type you need. This will then take you to a size page which illustrates clearly how many wheelie bins each bin can hold.

Green waste skips are suitable for garden clean ups and landscape projects. Soil, dirt and clay can also be placed in this waste-type bin, as long as they are free of contaminants. Bricks and heavy materials like concrete cannot go into general waste bins and must be disposed of using a concrete or brick bin. You must also avoid putting hazardous materials in your skip, such as batteries, liquids, asbestos and empty chemical containers.

What Can’t I Put In A Skip Bin?

Skip bins are great for disposing of all types of waste, but there are certain things you can’t toss in a skip. For example, food waste, broken kitchenware, sanitary items and soft plastics are all classed as general waste and should be thrown away with your regular household bin. Similarly, you can’t put metal in your skip. Whether you’re carrying out a DIY home renovation or a commercial project, scrap metal is considered construction and demolition waste and should be disposed of accordingly.

Same-day skip hire geelong is a convenient and efficient way to handle rubbish removal, helping you stick to your project timeline. But it’s important to know what can and can’t go in your skip bin so you don’t incur any penalties or fines. Hazardous waste like asbestos, paints, solvents, oils and batteries are also prohibited from being deposited in skip bins. These can be dangerous to humans and the environment so must be disposed of properly.

How Do I Book A Skip Bin?

Skip bin hire is a great option when you have large amounts of rubbish that are too big for your normal wheelie bins. This may include building and renovation projects, garden clear outs or large items that can’t be disposed of through your council services.

When you’re ready to book a Skip Bins Geelong, click on the appropriate type and size from our range. This will take you to a page that clearly lists what sort of waste goes in each bin size. You can then select the one that best suits your project. Once you’ve booked your skip, our team will deliver and collect it as directed. You can add on additional products such as Council nature strip permits ($46 + GST) and mattresses ($35 plus GST). You can also request a longer hire period if needed. It’s always wise to get a bigger bin than you think you need, as it will save you money in the long run.


Skip bins are ideal when you need to dispose of large and bulky items that cannot fit into your regular weekly wheelie bins. Suitable for building and renovation projects as well as clean ups of bigger properties or commercial jobs.

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