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An Upcoming NFT Project With Eyes On The NFT Landscape

Crypto Alien Society (“CAS”) is an upcoming NFT project with a series of 8,888 pixel aliens. CAS NFTs are non gender-specific, and have the traits of both what would be considered male and female characters. With over 120 character traits such as body color, background color, eyewear, accessories, etc., each alien NFT is unique and has its own rarity score depending on the combination of the traits. Currently the project boasts a public Discord ahead of the minting date and invites the reader to join.

The Story Behind CAS

Crypto Alien Society is a community that is sending 8,888 aliens to planet Earth on a research and exploration mission taking place on the Ethereum blockchain.

Crypto Alien Society: The Mission

Crypto Alien Society is a quirky NFT project that aims to launch a community fund/DAO to enable exploration of numerous NFT communities and projects, sweep NFT floors, and distribute NFTs among its holders/community. The project DAO shall also be utilized for charitable donations (as voted by the CAS community). Meanwhile if holding blue chip NFTs in the DAO, the project will apply best practices – based on the successes of other projects in the space. Future plans for the project include a $CAS token, and galaga-style mobile arcade game development following a play-to-earn model.

Research And Exploration Process

The project roadmap states that once 50%+ of these 8,888 aliens are minted it will initiate its infiltration process by opening a community DAO/fund and infusing it with 25 ETH (approx $80,000 at the time of writing this article).

Once 75%+ of the aliens are minted from the CAS website, the society will begin exploring numerous NFT marketplaces on the Ethereum blockchain to identify worthy NFT projects, and abduct (buy) them on behalf of the community. Members of the CAS community can also weigh-in and vote on which NFT projects to choose and abduct on the project’s private Discord server.

The Next Steps

During the sweeping/buying of other NFT projects, some of the NFTs’ value will inevitably increase. The CAS can then potentially resell the NFTs on various marketplaces in exchange for ETH – earning profits that will be returned back to the community DAO/fund.

Furthermore, based on the community’s interest and which NFTs are most appealing, the CAS will airdrop NFTs directly into member crypto wallets, getting their hands on a curated set of excellent NFTs.

Once 100% of the alien NFTs are minted, the CAS will publicly reveal all of them on the OpenSea NFT marketplace. Furthermore, the CAS will fund 25 more ETH (approx $80,000) to the community wallet to contribute to various charitable organizations on Earth by taking votes from its Discord members. Charitable organizations will be in the areas of Childrens mental health, cleaning up the world’s oceans, and more!

The CAS will also gain a rarity tools listing and verification on the OpenSea marketplace. Afterwards, it will launch its own Spaceship NFTs, merchandise, and work on further partnerships and collaborations across the Metaverse. Roadmap 2.0 will be released on the CAS website also detailing plans for a galaga-style mobile arcade game with a play-to-earn model.

Benefits of Holding Crypto Alien NFTs

  • You get a chance to get your hands on some of the most exciting and promising NFTs in the market
  • The CAS will hold contests and giveaways for its community members, and you can benefit from these as well
  • Donations to non-profit organizations of the world
  • Access to airdrops and Spaceship NFTs minting
  • Access to mobile arcade game to earn $CAS token and more
  • Access to ‘NFT Insiders’ research channel in discord which explores potential high value NFTs in the market
  • A really cool PFP!


Overall, the Crypto Alien Society NFT project is building a strong community of enthusiasts who can not only hold CAS NFTs but also invest in other worthy NFTs that excite them and have increasing monetary value. It truly is worth watching as the next upcoming NFT in the market.

The CAS NFTs are dropping for mint on January 30th, 2022 at 6pm EST on the official website, so get ready because the aliens are coming!

Visit the official CAS website, and follow along on social media for the latest updates on the project.

Social Media and Other Links

Official Website: https://cryptoaliensociety.io
Discord: https://discord.gg/CryptoAlienSociety

Twitter: https://twitter.com/alienznft

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cryptoaliensociety/

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/crypto-alien-society

Media Contact

Grace Agosta

Community Representative
Crypto Alien Society
[email protected]
Toronto, ON, Canada.


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