Difference Between a Trophy and a Cup

Do you know the difference between a trophy and a cup? Most people think they are the same thing, but there is a big distinction between the two. A trophy is typically given to someone who has achieved something great, while a cup is given to the winner of a competition or race. Here are the differences between trophies and cups in more detail.

Description of a Trophy

A trophy is given to someone or something for outstanding achievement. For instance, the successful completion of a marathon would earn you a trophy; however, winning the marathon would earn you a cup. A trophy is typically mounted on a base containing information about who won it and what they won it for. There are various types of trophies like a chess trophy, a bowling trophy, or even trophies given for small children like an award for the most improved swimmer.

Description of a Cup

A cup is typically passed around in a circle to the winner in some competition. For example, if you won your softball league championship, you would receive a cup. It is typically round and made out of any material, but it is most often metal, plastic, or clay. A cup does not have a stand because it needs to be passed around in a circle. Cups are also smaller than trophies, and they do not have any engravings on them.

How a Trophy and a Cup Differ

The two of them differ in what they are given for and how they look. Trophies usually come in different shapes and sizes, which means one person could win multiple trophies in their lifetime.

On the other hand, cups do not have any base or stand, and they can be made out of nearly any material. Cups typically only come in one size because everyone involved in the competition wins a cup. They do not have engraved information because the winner’s name is usually inscribed on it and whoever wins next keeps it until someone else takes their spot by winning it again.

Do a Trophy and a Cup Differ in Terms of Material They Are Made From?

The materials that trophies and cups are made out of can vary depending on the occasion. A cup is typically made with inexpensive materials like plastic or clay. In contrast, a trophy is often made with expensive materials like gold-resembling metal or metal alloys because they are most likely given for high achievement.

You may also find some trophies made from glass. Glass trophies are typically engraved and come in a box for protection. In addition, if you purchase a trophy or cup made from glass, you must take special care of it because it can break easily.

Where Can You Get a Trophy and Cup?

You can find trophies at stores like Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby that sell trophies. You can also get special engraved trophy plates, which you can attach to a trophy that you already have. Just make sure your plate fits the material of your trophy before buying one.

Cups are typically only found at sports souvenir shops and online stores because they are mostly given as collectibles after winning a competition or race.

What are the Benefits of Trophies and Cups

The main benefit of getting a trophy or cup for achievement is that it serves as a reminder to you and others. Since trophies are typically mounted on bases, they can be placed in your home or office. If you put them in your office, it will remind coworkers, customers, and clients what you have accomplished. Whereas, if you put them in your home, it will remind you and anyone that visits your home about what you have accomplished.

Likewise, cups serve as collectibles to remember an achievement. Also, if you travel with your cup, other people may want to know what kind of accomplishment this particular cup represents so they can try to win one too.


When you think about a trophy and a cup, their differences should be easy to remember. Trophies are typically larger than cups, and they have trophies mounted on them or engravings on the side. Cups are smaller than trophies, and they do not have any stand or base. A trophy is given for outstanding achievement, while a cup is given for winning a competition or race.

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