Why Is It Important to Understand Your Human Design?

What is Human Design?

Human Design gives you a genetic blueprint of your personality. Many folks have inquired why we need our Human Design charts completed. They say they know themselves very well; they say they don’t want to be constrained by anything; it’s like reading your horoscope – which I don’t pay much attention to; they don’t need to know, and so on.

There are numerous reasons why we should know who we are, yet the truth is that none of us truly understands ourselves because we see ourselves from one perspective while others do not. Both views are provided by Human Design. It also provides us with the truth. We can learn about and understand ourselves as we grow older, but we will never know the difference between our genuine selves and our indoctrination.

With Human Design, we recognize that we have been socially conditioned to believe that it is necessary to fit in, have friends, be nice, and not provoke and that some of these behaviour patterns are not who we are. On the other hand, there are people whose lives revolve entirely around themselves; this is normal in Human Design principles; they are individuals – these people have a purpose here of being distinctive and reminding others that being different is acceptable. They had no qualms about jumping into the chasm.

Conditioned behaviour hinders us from being ourselves; as we grow older, we modify our behaviour to the responses we receive. For example, if a youngster is often chastised for acting naturally as a child with curiosity and questions, the child learns to change his or her behaviour to suit the . As a result, the youngster becomes passive aggressive. As a result, childhood training frequently leads to dysfunctional behaviour, which prevents us from being ourselves.

Social behaviour tends to repeat itself. It is safe when we know how to act properly; diverse types of people show us that being different is okay, if weird. Our genes drive us to change, so we have a genetic imperative. They combine two people to create children for the DNA to mix and mutate. That is why “when we grew up,” our culture was completely different.

Something deep within us happens when we grasp our Design. It is not a cognitive brain knowledge that can occur as well, but when we truly love who we are, our bodies can relax deep inside. We all have limiting behaviour patterns established to keep us safe when we were too little to care for ourselves.

The benefit of this?

They only prevent us from fulfilling our potential and keep us sleeping. Our bodies then take over the task of keeping us safe, and we live in a state of active alert, with the nervous system in sympathetic mode all of the time. This hinders the parasympathetic nervous system’s basic physiological activities, such as digestion and breathing. Our cells can only grow away from the confinement caused by fear and toward the expanded, a large, and healthy condition caused by love if we settle in our bodies and embody the truth of who we are.

Above all, we learn to never expect anything but counsel from a Projector and a Manifesting Generator’s wealth of activity. Imagine these two personalities sharing jobs evenly. It just would not work, but until you understand Human Design, you would do it that way. And you’d pay them similarly, except that the Projector has had to find the energy that the Manifesting Generator has in abundance, so he deserves a higher wage. Because he reflected your Generator energy during the interview, you likely hired the Projector to undertake the active job.

This is merely a reflection of reality. Projectors are designed to know how to do something but not do it themselves; generators are for that. In the company of someone with an energy center, a Projector can be energetic but not retain it.

So, understanding Human Design is more than just knowing yourself. Learning about the people you interact with is equally as important so you may understand them and treat them accordingly. Never expect a Projector to do anything on its own. Instead, allow a Manifesto to lead the way.

Some persons are incapable of making decisions; knowing this allows us to be patient with them. A Reflector, for example, will have to wait a month before making any major decisions, while an emotionally defined person will have to wait at least a week.


Even if you are dubious, allow others to live their lives by understanding their design. Even if you only obtain a rudimentary understanding, it has the potential to improve your life and the lives of people close to you. Finally, far from being restrictive, Human Design has been the most liberating experience I’ve ever had.

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