Eran Elhanani

Hailing from Jerusalem and currently residing in Dubai and the US, Eran Elhanani is a prominent figure across several fields.

From being a real estate broker to an angel/ venture partner investor to now trying his hands in gaming, metaverse, and crypto, Eran Elhanani has built a truly remarkable and diverse portfolio.

Graduating from the prestigious Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he holds a degree in Science with a triple major in Medicine, Math, and Computer Science.

Being always good with numbers, Eran proved his mettle in the business world quite early in his age by successfully closing a number of high-value deals (worth over $500 million) in real estate.

Since then, Elan Elhanani has experimented with a lot of ideas and projects while achieving a dignified status as a serial entrepreneur and technological innovator.

Early Career of Eran Elhanani 

Before starting as a real estate broker, Eran worked as a nobody in the high-tech industry for 5 years.

During this period, he co-founded Nascendi-Tec, a telecommunication and information technology company, and raised a staggering $1.2 million in funds.

After that, he switched to real estate where he quickly gained the position of managing director, producer, and senior VP in Nest Seekers International, Halstead Property LLC, and Keller Williams respectively. While there, he showcased the highest level of service, integrity, and professionalism toward his clients with a keen sense of business.

Upon learning the ins-and-outs of real estate brokerage, Eran wasted no time in founding his own company “The Elhanani Group, Inc.” and became its sole Principal broker. Specializing in the sales of condos, co-ops, townhouses,  and investment properties, and representing new developments and developers in and around the city, he has had the privilege of working with some of the wealthiest clients from all around the globe.

No wonder his name has been featured on numerous real estate programs, shows, and publications including Curbed and The Real Deal!

Achievements and Accolades

Regarded as a world-class speaker and renowned writer on investment, metaverse, and technology, Eran Elhanani’s articles are frequently published on various platforms including Forbes, Yahoo, Benzinga, and VentureBeat.

At present, he is the co-founder/ CEO of multiple companies in the fields of investment, blockchain, cryptocurrency, metaverse, and gaming.

In June 2021, he co-founded BullPerks, the first-ever decentralized VC and multichain launchpad which is considered to be the 2nd best IDO investment platform in the world. Unlike traditional VCs, Eran’s crypto crowdfunding platform allows users to collectively pool capital and invest it in future projects of common goals and shared value.

As a major venture of BullPerks, he also co-founded GamesPad, a complete gaming, metaverse, and NFT ecosystem.

Before that, he founded Part One Capital which is an investment firm that focuses on crypto projects in Defi, NFT, and protocols on the blockchain.

Eran Elhanani is also a Venture Partner at a boutique VC where he advises on Fintech and Blockchain.

Aside from his current endeavors, he used to be the CEO and President of a full-service boutique luxury brokerage called Esquared Realty.

As you can see, his professional career is as diverse as it comes.

As far as his non-professional life is concerned, Eran Elhanani loves to travel and learn and practice martial arts in his spare time.

Upcoming Projects and Vision

As a true business leader and visionary, Eran Elhanani is all-in when it comes to investing in immersive technologies in the likes of Metaverse and sophisticated multiplayer gaming.

At present, he’s engaged in talks with multiple big brands and institutions to bring them into the metaverse for a fully immersive and unique experience.

His latest project in the field of online VR gaming is based upon the play-and-earn (P&E) model which focuses on rewarding gamers for playing games that they would generally be playing solely for fun as is the case with the play-to-earn model.

In fact, in an interview with Hackernoon, Eran asserts that the future of gaming is Play-and-Earn and not Play-to-Earn.

GamesPad in this sense, is the biggest thing to have surfaced in recent years in the field of cryptoverse.

Designed to be more than just a game, it is a complete universe or metaverse that allows gaming, shopping, e-commerce, community involvement, events, and the ability for users to create, customize, and utilize their avatars in an immersive and virtual/ digital world. 

Featuring a wide range of services, GamesPad is already showing immense potential as a one-stop shop for metaverse users. All the while educating customers on NFTs and how to use them.

As one of the biggest challenges, Eran Elhanani is trying to collaborate with leading brands and platforms to spread information about the metaverse and simplify its usage for interested users.

Check out everything he has to say about that here.


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