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Which Gutter System Will Work Best for Your Home?

Gutters come in different styles and materials. Before choosing which one to install for your home, it is important to understand that each has its own advantages and disadvantages. To find out which one will work best for your home, let’s discuss them one by one. 

Basic Gutter Styles

  • K-Style Gutters

K-Style gutters are the most popular type of gutter mainly because they are easy to install due to their flat back that can be nailed straight into the fascia boards. They provide a seamless finish making them less prone to leaks. They can also hold more water than other types of gutters. However, the downside is that due to their unique shape, they are harder to clean. Their inside angles also retain some water after rain, which makes them more susceptible to rotting or corrosion.

  • Half-Round Gutters

Half-round gutters have the appearance of a tube that has been split in two. It has a U-shape that helps the debris and water to drain out more effectively as opposed to staying inside the gutters. The downside, however, is that they don’t have a flat side. This makes the installation a little harder. And exactly because of their shape, they clog very easily. Although they are easy to clean, you have to constantly watch out and remove debris from the gutters every once in a while.

  • Box-Style Gutters

Although box-style gutters are more common on commercial buildings, they have been used on residential homes with industrial aesthetics nowadays. They are oversized so they are capable of handling large amounts of rainwater. They are also easier to clean and maintain. However, unlike K-style and half-round gutters, box-style gutters aren’t mounted on the edge of the roof. Instead, they are tucked under your roof’s shingles, which means they have to be installed while your home is being built.

  • Fascia Gutters

Fascia gutters are the type of gutters that combine the gutter into the fascia boards. Unlike the other types of gutters, they are custom built for the house and are made from one long stretch of aluminum. This makes them less prone to leaks and rotting. The downside, however, is that they can be pricey. Since they are custom built, they must be professionally installed as well so the installation costs can also cost more.

Types of Gutter Materials

  • Aluminum

Aluminum gutters are the most common type of gutter materials on the market mainly because they are less expensive. They are also easy to install and maintain and are available in a wide range of colors to match your home’s exterior look. In addition, they will never rust and they can easily last for up to 20 years.

  • Steel

Steel gutters are either stainless or galvanized. Stainless gutters are not very common because they are more costly while galvanized steel gutters are more popular because they are more affordable. However, both of them are relatively easy to maintain and can last for up to 15 to 20 years.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl gutters are another type of gutter that is relatively inexpensive. They are also popular among homeowners because they are easy to work with making them suitable for DIY installations. They are lightweight, won’t corrode or rust, and can be painted to match your home’s overall look. They can also last for up to 20 years. 

  • Copper

Copper is also one of the most durable gutter options nowadays as it can easily last for up to 100 years. Although they cost more compared to other gutter materials, their durability certainly makes up for them. In addition, they can also be made in many different colors and textures to allow you to increase a home’s curb appeal.

Which gutter system is right for your home?

Choosing which gutter style and materials are right for your home depends on several factors. First, you have to take into consideration the local climate in your area. Some styles of gutters may not work best in areas with certain climate conditions, while some gutter materials may also not be suitable for hot or colder climates as they can easily break. In addition, they may also not match your home’s overall aesthetic. 

So if you want professional advice and recommendations on which gutter system is right for your home, contact a reliable roofing contractor. Eagle Eye Roofing is Kemah’s most dependable roofing contractor. They can create a custom gutter solution for you that will meet both your home’s specific needs and your personal overall home aesthetic goals.



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