What You Should Know About Apple Watch Extended Warranties

Original Apple Watch bands that are purchased directly from the manufacturer typically come with warranty coverage. However, this coverage may exclude certain types of damage. Besides the limited warranty that comes with every Apple product, AppleCare+ is another option to consider for additional protection. This plan covers accidental damage and extends the warranty coverage period.

Original Apple Watch Bands

The original Apple Watch bands offer a range of stylish options, each with its own distinctive appearance and feel. Several different materials are used, including stainless steel, which adds durability and a sleek, premium look. Leather is also an option, with genuine leather bands displaying refined craftsmanship and meticulous stitching. Authenticity can be verified by inspecting the interior of the band for serial numbers and other markings. In addition, a discerning eye can spot signs of authenticity on the clasp or buckle. A reputable online retailer will provide a range of band sizes to ensure a comfortable fit. Customers can use a printable wrist-measurement tool or an iPhone app to determine the appropriate size.

Battery Replacement

Replacing the battery of an Apple Watch is a fairly straightforward task, but it can still be intimidating for people who aren’t tech-savvy. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to follow Fixie’s instructions closely and look at the comments for tips. A new battery will ensure that your Apple Watch is able to function smoothly without experiencing any issues related to a swollen or worn-out battery. However, you must remember that your watch may not be able to perform the same as it did before the battery replacement.

Purchasing an Apple watch extended warranty plan for your Apple watch will give you the peace of mind of knowing that it’s protected even after you have to replace the battery or if the device experiences any other problems. In addition to offering hardware support, AppleCare+ also includes two years of phone support and two accidental damage claims. It is the best option for ensuring that your Apple Watch will be functioning properly for years to come.

Phone Support

In addition to providing a two-year hardware warranty for the Apple Watch, the AppleCare+ service plan also adds one full year of phone support and additional accidental damage claims. While Apple is usually good about answering hardware questions in the store outside of their 90-day window, this added coverage is an excellent way to help ensure that your device is covered. This plan also covers swollen battery repair for the first-generation Apple Watch, a problem that has been documented by users on various forums. A replacement battery for a swollen Apple Watch will be provided free of charge under this warranty plan, which is available for purchase at an Apple retail location or through one of the company’s authorized service providers.

The Apple Watch is a delicate piece of technology and it is important to protect it as much as possible. This includes keeping it clean, avoiding abrasive cleaners, and storing it in a dry place. Additionally, it is a good idea to rotate your bands regularly so they wear evenly and to avoid putting too much pressure on certain areas of the band.

Warranty Exclusions

While apple watch warranty coverage is quite comprehensive, users must keep in mind that it does not cover all issues. For instance, the device’s battery is not covered if it is damaged by an accident or by water. This is because such damage is not considered a manufacturing defect. Similarly, the watch’s screen may not be replaced if it is cracked or scratched. In addition, if the device is lost or stolen, it will not be covered by the warranty either.

In such a scenario, users would have to rely on the warranties offered by the third-party manufacturers or sellers of their respective Apple Watch bands. This is because Apple’s warranty covers only its original bands. In the case of 1st gen Apple Watch models, the company has extended its service coverage for expanded/swollen batteries to two years (one year beyond the complimentary 1-year limited warranty that it provides with other devices). Apple does not provide such coverage for third-party bands.


Like any other product, the Apple watch comes with a manufacturer warranty. This warranty, however, is limited in time and scope. It covers any issues resulting from manufacturing defects. It does not cover any issues caused by unauthorized modifications or accidents, such as a cracked screen.

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