old school sports day

What You Need To Know About Old School Sports Day?

Bringing back the days of primary school is a great way to celebrate a Hen Party. This activity is a throwback to the days of yore, where everyone participated in teamwork and friendly competition. You can choose from nine to twelve classic games, including a Mr. and Mrs. Quiz. These games will be sure to get your Hens in the competitive spirit.

It Is Suitable For Hen Parties

If you’d like to make your hen party a little more active, consider throwing an Old School Sports Day. Participants will dress up in a school uniform, complete with hula hoop and gym socks, and compete in a variety of games to earn points. Typical competitions include egg & spoon races, 3 legged races, sack races, and headband toss.

A typical Old School Sports Day activity will bring back memories of school days. In this fun activity, the Hens are divided into “houses” and compete to win the most points for their team. The games are a throwback to childhood fun, and you’ll be reminded of all the games you played as a kid. Some classics are still played today, including the Mr. and Mrs. Quiz.

This fun activity will transport you back to your school days, complete with retro games like the sack race and 3 legged race. The goal is to gain as many points as possible by competing against other teams. This activity is perfect for hen parties and groups seeking a throwback. Some of the games you might want to try include space hoppers, the egg and spoon race, and relay races. Once the old school sports day games are over, there will be a prize ceremony.

It Is A Hen Activity

If your hen party is full of competitive spirits, consider throwing an Old School Sports Day! This unique party idea will transport your guests back to their days of primary school and is guaranteed to provide tons of laughs. There are many different games to choose from, and everyone can get involved and get their competitive juices flowing. Old School Sports Day is a great way to create a relaxed atmosphere and have loads of fun while bonding with your friends.

The old school sports day will transport everyone to their school days, complete with retro games such as the 3 legged race and the sack race. Teams will compete to earn as many points as possible, and the winning team will become the legends of the playground! Suitable for groups of all ages, the activity is a great way to spend a hen weekend and bring back fond memories. It will also give your girls a fun-filled way to bond with each other.

This all-inclusive activity is perfect for birthday parties, hen and stag parties, and corporate team-building events. Old-school sports day is a great way to foster group bonding, remind your guests of good times, and keep the competitive spirit alive. This activity is also a great way to relive a cherished childhood memory. It is guaranteed to get the whole group up on their feet!

If your Hen Party guests are competitive and have a sense of whimsy, why not host an Old School Sports Day? This event allows everyone to get involved in sports that they were interested in as children. You can choose a game, then challenge the girls to a race to see who can win! The Xtreme co ordinator will lead your team through the games, acting as a referee. The cost of the event includes the pitch hire, the co ordinator, all the coloured bibs, and all the equipment. Old School Sports Day has become a popular activity for corporate events and is a great way to unite people.

What’s Next?

A Hen Party with a vintage theme is always a good time. An old school sports day is a great way to bring the gang back to their school days. You can play sack race, egg and spoon race, or 3 legged race. The goal is to score the most points. This activity will have your guests laughing and reliving the good old days. And, best of all, the prize-giving ceremony will be memorable.

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