What Makes Freelance to Freedom a Heart-Centered Business Model, Shares Founder Meaghan Long

A business model is the company’s plan on generating profits, allocating resources, and making revenue from its activities. These models are centered on different goals the entrepreneur or business owner might have, like profit maximization, growth, and value. Beyond traditional business models, is a new and more conscious method of business – the Heart-Centered Business Model, and Meaghan Long, founder of Meaghan Long Virtual Solutions and her virtual assistant coaching program, Freelance to Freedom, is all for it. 

The idea of becoming a heart-centered coach for women who want to create income working from home stemmed from becoming a virtual assistant, as well as a new mom. During the pandemic, Meaghan moved to New Brunswick for her then boyfriend, now husband, Mike, and soon became a mother to a beautiful boy, Hunter. Wanting to spend more time with her family, she started learning more about the virtual assisting industry. Meaghan had success early on in her VA career, and leaned on mentorship to scale her business. She noticed that heart centred strategy was missing from the online space, and launched her program, Freelance to Freedom. 

Freelance to Freedom is a 12-week coaching program focusing on the four pillars of success on how to launch and scale a virtual assistant business. Meaghan encourages and empowers women to ditch the 9-to-5, while learning how to balance motherhood and business to have time and financial freedom.

Being a heart-centered coach in the virtual assistant industry, Meaghan has changed countless women’s lives by supporting them in launching and scaling their virtual assistant business. She says, “My business as a whole has been built off of being of service to others. I meet people where they are at today in their journey of business, and life.” She has created a close-knit community for learning, and meets with her coaching clients to support them on their journey to success. 

The act of giving back to the industry is what makes Freelance to Freedom a Heart-Centered business. Meaghan is very passionate about supporting women in changing their business to fit their lives. According to her, “As a heart-centred coach, listening to what the VA community needs in support for their VA business to have the transformation they want is the foundation F2F is built on.She also has a Facebook group where women come together through the program to form a community of love and support each other in their endeavours. 

Adding value to her business via giving back to society and creating community is what Meaghan is doing through Freelance to Freedom. If you want to register for the program, click here.

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