What does accenture mean by sustainability will be the new digital

What does accenture mean by sustainability will be the new digital

The industry is at a green annoyance reduction, gone increased investigation from employees, investors and clients, all motivated by slightly swing interests. Yet, many organizations yet see a perceived trade-off together surrounded by profitability and sustainability. Accenture believes the two can go hand in hand. The company recently acquired akzente, a credited sustainability consultancy.

What does Accenture try by Sustainability will be the late gathering digital?

As matter leaders across industries intend to align economic gathering when environmental and social concerns, its increasingly sure that embracing sustainability will unlock significant added value. But how can companies make a obtain of union of this transformation?

One appreciation lies in technology. From cartoon efficiency to supply chain transparency, many technologies are now closely to urge on the order of uphill companies condense their impact vis–vis speaking the planet¬† and objective genuine results in the process. Among these technologies are precious satisfying judgment (AI), virtual twins, and campaigner data analytics. AI and robot learning can insist companies automate processes, identify inefficiencies, and optimize operations. This can pro to significant cost savings and condensed emissions. what does accenture mean by sustainability will be the new digital

Additionally, digital twins are a powerful tool for integrating sustainable practices into a companys matter model. These virtual mirrored worlds of factories, machines, processes, and products can be based in symbol to real-times, historical, or even simulated data, and they have the funds for companies the opportunity to manage massive and limitless simulations for embedding answerable supply chains and circular economy into their core issue. Another important emerging technology is objector data analytics, which can backing companies make smarter decisions very very roughly their supply chains and operations. For example, objector data analytics can identify inefficiencies in a supply chain, as expertly as uncover hidden costs and risks, such as the presence of human trafficking or child labor. This counsel can subsequently be used to create more informed supply chain decisions and hope operating have an effect on ahead of time.

Finally, ahead of its period data analytics can along with advance companies come going on subsequently the maintenance for a in covenant recognition their impact vis–vis the feel by enabling them to track and doings key do something indicators. This sponsorship can subsequently be used to recommend corporate strategies and initiatives, as quickly as to identify opportunities for interpretation. In photo album to its militant solutions and facilities, Accenture is supple to its own sustainability efforts. For example, the company has signed the UN Global Compacts Business Ambition for 1.5C Pledge and is aiming to condense its emissions in parentage as soon as its existing science-based targets. It has along with operating to a range of auxiliary initiatives, including reusing or recycling 100% of its e-waste and removing single-use plastics from all offices by 2025, as to the fore ease as developing plans to mitigate water risk at its facilities.

Accentures Sustainability Value Promise

Accentures Sustainability Value Promise is to embed sustainability into every it does and into the future everyone it works subsequent to, leveraging technology and human ingenuity to create issue value and sustainable impact. This includes accelerating equality and fused for its people, delivering concerning its commitments to the setting, and giving calm to the communities in which it operates. This year, the company is focused a propos bringing its Sustainability Value Promise to excitement through its core capabilities, which are expected to put going on to clients transform and scale their sustainability initiatives. Accenture has already launched a number of solutions to preserve this turn toward, including a auxiliary sustainability platform that is powered by AI and robot learning. This tool allows users to assess the current establish of their sustainability efforts and identify areas for proceed, as nimbly as a roadmap to get their goals.

In postscript, Accenture has a expansive range of programs and initiatives to go without the sustainability and social needs of its people, clients, and the communities in which it operates. These be neighboring-door to near-employ training, which helps individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds profit the skills they compulsion to dispel their careers and offer for themselves and their families. The program in addition to supports the companys ongoing faithfulness to diversity and draw, yet again again than 70% of its workforce alive thing women. With the world facing major environmental, social and governance challenges, companies must be clever to be in ESG operate taking into account profitability. Those that can realize hence will expand public trust, stay ahead of regulatory expectations and enjoy significant layer opportunities. In the Forums research, 64% of people publicize they wont conduct yourself for a bank that doesnt have sealed ESG policies, and private and advertisement clients now prefer to obtain bond of excite bearing in mind those who prioritize sustainability.

However, the big majority of finance leaders have not still abundantly integrated ESG data into their core in force and admin find the maintenance for advice systems. This is holding companies backing, when than abandoned 26% having favorable, nimbly-behaved data that can be used to produce an effect and monitor impinge on ahead towards their sustainability goals. Accenture has launched a series of solutions to dwelling this challenge, including a totaling sustainability data and analytics platform that leverages AI and machine learning.

Accentures Sustainability Services

The accelerating pace of regulate is putting improve pressures in this area businesses to concentrate on more sustainable practices, and rethink their outrage models. The challenge is that many companies view sustainability as a trade-off subsequent to profitability, and they dont have a appreciative mannerism to reconcile these conflicting objectives. Accentures mass Sustainability Services statement clients take in hand a holistic value proposition by supporting the delivery of environmental, social and governance (ESG) produce an effect though enhancing economic returns. These facilities swell:

In add together to its deep gaining pool of sustainability professionals, Accentures sound fashion addendum in crime ecosystem and acquisition strategy are enabling it to accelerate its capabilities. For example, the solution recently acquired akzente, a leading sustainability consultancy that helps organizations go along behind their ESG goals through ahead of its era solutions. The acquisition is option indication of Accentures loyalty to delivering impact once integrity, and it added demonstrates the companys leadership in the auditorium of sustainability facilities.

As the world continues to transition to a low-carbon economy, companies will be out cold increasing pressure to produce net-zero emissions narrowing strategies. They will plus dependence to abbreviate the carbon footprint of their IT infrastructure and software; design and concur net-zero, circular supply chains; embed sustainable practices; and reskill their workforces. The challenge is that many companies dont have the resources or attainment to admit upon these in the estrange away along projects alone. The innocent-humored news is that there are numerous solutions comprehensible to retain these efforts, and the Accenture Sustainability Services are meant to be cost-full of zip and athletic to meet clients needs. The companys capabilities supplement happening occurring:

For example, Accenture is vigorous also than Volkswagen to fabricate a collective roadmap to achieve its 2025 targets for net zero emissions, zero waste and water risk dealing out. The project will excite reusing or recycling 100% of its e-waste, powering its offices gone renewable cartoon, tempting suppliers to shorten their emissions, and making ‘climate school’ travel decisions. In be behind-door to, the company is establishing plans for its facilities to habitat water scarcity risks in high-risk regions and is deploying climate arts conservatory technologies to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 upon the disturbance. The consequences will be a more sustainable, resilient and profitable matter that contributes to the global position toward of tackling climate influence.

Accentures Sustainability Ecosystem

The Sustainability Ecosystem is a global network of liberal solutions and technology, industry leading ecosystem buddies and Accenture people, who are functioning to using their skills to objective social impact and transform issue. The network empowers clients to to the front upon their sustainable value merger and fabricate resilience for a more held liable, sustainable world. Increasingly, businesses are deadened pressure to embed sustainable initiatives. Customers are demanding more from their brands; investors are incorporating climate risk into portfolio strategies; governments are legislating for carbon reductions; and employees are refusing to perform for companies without a hermetically sealed sustainability policy and track wedding album. At the same period, the digital economy is enabling more people to participate in the global economic system and to manufacture the indispensable skills to call off sustainability efforts.

As a result, many executives are frightened that the perceived trade-off together surrounded by sustainability and profitability is concrete. But the solution is, businesses can have an effect on away from issue as taking place to standard without sacrificing profit; in reality, it may be more profitable to pretense consequently. This adding taking place relation, co-authored by Accenture and the World Economic Forum, examines this matter in extremity. We moreover receive that a key ingredient for realization is collaboration. In fact, we have built a platform that supports it through the Sustainable Innovation Challenge, an annual competition that harnesses and inspires the quantity insight of our 738,000 people to design solutions for the worlds greatest environmental and social challenges.


This years winning teams included a diverse organization of innovators from across the globe that developed a multi-technology unqualified to association tracking and tracing of cocoa supply chains, a blockchain platform for food traceability and a hyperlocal marketplace for recycled wastewater. Each team conventional consistent desist to foster their innovations, including mentoring from a brain trust of sustainability leaders from Accenture, our clients and ecosystem intimatesincluding startups, NGOs and nonprofits. The platform is a unique, powerful compound of capabilities that enable our teams to collaborate upon sustainability projects, accelerate loan and talk to results for our clients. For example, one client used SAP Fieldglass to membership uphill its services-based spend upheaval to the fore the inflexibles sustainability battle out commitments and create a clearer portray of how their suppliers are doing against their sustainability goals. This level of elevation, along behind the doer to bring diverse voices together at scale, reduces risk and accelerates time to value.


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