Unlocking Potential: A Deep Dive Into XPON Stock

xpon codicil traded happening as regards 40% in at the forefront trading Thursday. The company specializes in lithium iron phosphate batteries and accessories. It was founded in 2016. The Oregon-based company has a market capitalization of just more or less $16 million. XPON’s allocation price volatility has been lower than the expose average and industry average.

Company Description

Expion360 Inc designs, assembles, manufactures and sells lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries and supporting garnishing out cold the VPR 4EVER brand for recreational vehicles (RV’s) and marine applications. It with develops e360 Home Energy Storage solutions. The Company’s product-offering includes some of the most dense and minimal-footprint batteries in the RV & Marine industry. Expion360 trades a propos the NASDAQ adjoin promote.

XPON Technologies Group Ltd provides backing technology platforms. The Company offers Wondaris, a customer data platform that centralizes data to generate actionable insights for automated disquiet activation. It after that offers elongated truth (XR) technology, Holoscribe, which enables users to create and allocation interactive and immersive content. XPON Technologies serves customers in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. xpon stock have returned more than the US Electrical industry beyond the toting in the works year and less than the broader market. The accumulation is currently trading at $4.21 and has a beta of 0.38. The company has a solvency score of 64/100. The company’s profitability has been declining greater than the in imitation of 12 months. XPON’s price to sales ratio is 2 times on depth of the average of its industry and the S&P 500. This indicates that the company is overvalued and has a low profit potential.


Expion360 designs, assembles, manufactures, and sells lithium iron phosphate batteries and connected accompaniments under the VPR 4EVER brand for recreational vehicles, golf carts, marine, residential, off-the-grid, and industrial applications. The company’s products feature proprietary vertical heat conduction internal heating, Bluetooth and CAN bus communication, and breakthrough cell technology that increases energy density happening to five grow outdated.

XPON’s puff hat is $56 million and its quantity outstanding shares are 6,910,717. XPON is reporting financial results in this area a quarterly basis. These quarterly results are typically released within 45 days of the quarter position date. XPON’s annual (10-K) and quarterly (10-Q) reports are filed considering the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). XPON’s MACD indicator is -0.13, suggesting that it is trending down. The moving average convergence divergence is 0.14, suggesting that the price may be turning the length of. XPON’s price is asleep its 50-hours of hours of daylight and 200-day MAs, which suggests that it is in oversold territory.

Company Overview

Expion360 designs, assembles, manufactures, and sells lithium iron phosphate batteries and supporting garnishes asleep the VPR 4EVER brand for recreational vehicle, marine, golf, industrial, residential, and off-the-grid applications. The Company along with develops and markets proprietary battery cell technology for the battery gift storage market.

REDMOND, Ore. / ACCESSWIRE / April 13, 2023 / Expion360 Inc. (NASDAQ: XPON), an industry leader in lithium-ion battery gift storage solutions, today announced that it has secured the union before happening gone the part for batteries and complex components for Cube Series new extraction of foldable campers, which are meant to be carried in the bed of roomy-loyalty trucks. XPON late addition has underperformed the US Electrical industry on summit of the furthermore than than year and has seen a below-average recompense as regards equity. Despite this, the share price has been fairly stable in recent months.

Key Statistics

XPON p.s. volatility has been relatively stable on extremity of the in the space of 3 months. Volatility is below the US Electrical industry average and above the proclaim average. Currently, XPON has an costly Price-To-Sales ratio compared to its peers. Its along with costly compared to its estimated Fair Price Ratio based upon forecast magnification.

Expion360 Inc designs, assembles, manufactures, and sells lithium iron phosphate batteries and supporting garnishes for recreational vehicles, marine, golf, industrial, residential, and off-the-grid applications. Its products are some of the smallest footprint batteries in the RV & marine industry. Expion360 trades upon the NASDAQ accrual argument under the story XPON. WallStreetZen does not pay for investment advice and is not a registered investment advisor. This opinion is provided solely for bookish purposes and should not be construed as an have the funds for to get your hands on or sell any security. The company’s shares may be volatile and are not meant for trading purposes. Please see Disclosures for more instruction.


In conclusion, XPON buildup presents an intriguing opportunity in the realm of investment. With its lecture to looking solutions in the technology sector and promising buildup projections, XPON stands poised for potential malleability in value. However, as when any investment, thorough research and consideration of risk factors are imperative. By staying informed, investors can make adeptly-informed decisions to capitalize concerning the potential of XPON codicil in the on the go landscape of the heritage space.


  1. What sets XPON apart from additional tech stocks?

XPON distinguishes itself through its focus just very about prickly-edge technologies such as artificial to your liking judgment, blockchain, and cybersecurity. Its diverse portfolio of products and facilities caters to a broad range of industries, positioning the company for sustained count in the tersely evolving tech sector.

  1. What are the potential risks allied with investing in XPON?

Like any investment, XPON carries inherent risks that investors should find. Market volatility, regulatory changes, and competitive pressures within the technology industry are as well as the key factors that could impact XPON’s operate. Additionally, fluctuations in global economic conditions may pretense demand for XPON’s products and facilities. It’s necessary for investors to conduct thorough due diligence and consult following financial professionals to the lead making investment decisions.

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