The Top Christian Clothing Brands For Hilarious Jesus Shirts

The designs at Fabrics of Faith are bold proclamations of spiritual truth. They are a relatively new brand that has a lot to offer in terms of style and message. Bless your heart, or put a smile (or chuckle) on someone’s face with this funny Easter Jesus tee. It’s a great way to start conversations about Jesus.

1.Bless Your Heart

This funny Christian play on words will get a laugh or a smile from those around you, and it’s an easy way to start conversations about Jesus. This comfy long-sleeved Funny Jesus Shirts is also a great reminder to bless those around you. 316Tees is a premium Christian brand that’s focused on sparking conversations about Jesus. Their designs are inspired by legacy brands like C28 and NOTW, and their unisex tees come in sizes from kids’ small to 5XL. They’re also committed to giving back to ministry causes, such as One Kingdom and Coreluv International.

Disciple Threads is a Christian clothing brand founded by Matt, who loves heavy music, tattoos, black tees, and art culture. Their goal is to spread the gospel through rad apparel that shows people that Jesus loves outcasts. They partner with ministries like Coreluv, which works to improve the lives of orphans and those in poverty.

2.Jesus Is King

While many Christian brands focus on sales and bottom lines, Equris Clothing believes that each shirt is a chance to plant seeds of faith. Their brand name is a play on the Greek myth of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun and his wings melt from the heat. The people behind this fashion brand believe that God is dope and want to share that with the world through rad fashion pieces. They also unapologetically honor Black culture and support causes such as Juneteenth and Black Lives Matter.

The founder of this company loves heavy music, tattoos, and black tees. His goal is to use his passion for these things to spread the gospel to outcasts around the world. He also writes personal notes to each customer, and customers rave about his service and product quality.

3.Jesus Is The Reason For The Season

316Tees is all about using their talent and a healthy dose of swag to design epic fashion pieces that lift the name of Jesus high. Whether it’s their line of two-piece streetwear sets or their Jesus Is Dope T-shirts, they get the job done. Matt over at Disciple Threads loves heavy music, tattoos and black tees so much that he created a clothing brand to share the gospel through rad apparel. He calls it “T-shirt evangelism” and makes no apology for it.

Girl + God is an apparel brand and community for Christian women who want to live on purpose. Its designs help them to feel strong and courageous. This company also donates their shirts to areas affected by natural disasters. They’re doing a lot of good.

4.Raising Your Kids On Jesus Vibes

There are a number of Christian Clothing Brands that are aimed at raising kids on Jesus vibes. One example is Disciple Threads. This Christian brand combines their love for heavy music, tattoos and art culture with the message of Jesus. Other Christian clothing brands use humorous designs to spread the Gospel message. Kerusso, a family-owned company that calls itself “T-shirt evangelism”, has several designs that are intended to start conversations and open the door for further conversation about Christ.

Some designs, however, are more questionable. These include those that parody popular secular designs or ad campaigns (like Lord’s Gym). This seems to deceptively mix the commercial with the sacred, and is not God’s will. These designs are more likely to create confusion about Christianity than to plant seeds that may grow in due time.

5.Jesus And Coffee

Christian clothing brands are spreading the word about God in a stylish and modern way. Many of these brands feature faith-based messages in their trendy and fashionable clothing designs, reaching a younger generation of believers who are searching for something that speaks to them in their daily lives. These fashion brands also often donate a portion of their profits or partner with organizations that align with their faith values, making their impact on society even greater.

One of our favorite Christian clothing brands is Fabrics of Faith, which features bold proclamations of spiritual truth in a range of tees. Another great option is Honor & Glory, which creates apparel that inspires believers to live out their faith boldly. They also give back by donating 10% of their proceeds to ministries around the world.


As we navigate the seas of Christian fashion, it’s refreshing to discover that humor has found its place among the sacred threads. The unique Jesus shirts offered by these Christian clothing brands not only spread joy but also foster a sense of unity among believers. So, why not let your wardrobe reflect not only your faith but also your sense of humor? Embrace the divine laughter, and may your journey through faith be adorned with the joyous threads of these delightful shirts. After all, in a world that sometimes takes itself too seriously, a good laugh can be a heavenly gift.

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