The Data Alchemist: Tom Rotmans’ Formula for Turning Information into Gold

Data and information have become buzzwords. Many people and organizations employ these resources to bolster their credibility. That said, a few actually understand their real meaning, and even fewer know how to turn data and information into profits.

Businesses and money-makers often pile up data, only to discover that just a small fraction is worth its weight. This low quality creates more problems than solutions as it contributes to an average loss of $15 million per organization, as shown by Gartner’s survey.

There is a need for experts to educate investors on how to utilize data to churn profits, and one expert is doing exactly that. Tom Rotmans, the visionary behind Rotmans Consultancy, has unlocked the formula for transmuting information into tangible profits. With his extensive experience in business development and investments, he is advising on how to handle data correctly.  

According to Tom, knowing the difference between data and valuable information is Investor 101—fundamental knowledge for anyone in the game

Imagine data as scattered letters, a jigsaw puzzle waiting to be solved. Through meticulous arrangement, these letters coalesce into words, forming a coherent message – that’s the transformation into information.

Keeping that in mind, study the sector you wish to invest in. Gather data about your market, assess trends, and let digital tools be your guidebook in your chosen field. Learn about the boom and bust cycles while analyzing the risks and scope. All of this will give you raw data.

Once that is taken care of, extract information. Use the collected data to find lucrative opportunities. Observe how the market behaves and what factors contribute to its ups and downs. Remove all the “bad data” and stick with what aligns with your financial goals.

With the pristine information in hand, formulate your investment strategy. Identify the opportune moments to take action, calculate risks and rewards, and construct a well-defined plan. But, Tom urges caution – bravery is a virtue, yet recklessness is a pitfall. The boundary between the two is where wisdom resides. Still, one thing that can’t be stressed enough is that even though Tom’s formula is elegantly simple, its execution requires expertise. Data is a nuanced language, and like any tongue, misinterpretation can lead to dire consequences. This realization led Tom to establish Rotmans Consultancy

Tom knew that merely charting a blueprint to utilize data for financial success won’t be sufficient. Therefore, he came up with his consultancy firm that helps organizations and investors around the world to learn the art of data alchemy: turning data into information and information into gold. Through his own experience and expertise, he has provided services for big names like Goldman Sachs, Hitachi Energy, and Heineken International, but also to high-net-worth individuals.

Rotmans Consultancy is catching some glances in the investment landscape. Tom’s method, practiced there, adds a fresh chapter to the ever-evolving dialogue about innovative paths to trading and investments.

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