A Glimpse into Producer and Investor Irina Meyer’s Professional Life Proves That a Successful Career Path Does Not Have to Be Linear

As people face an ever-changing job market, non-linear careers have become a standard practice in the 21st century. Such a path requires planning, chance, risk, and determination. People that choose this path are very progressive as they constantly decide their next career move depending on what is happening, like the successful entrepreneur, investor, and mentor Irina Meyer. 

Heading successful companies Sils Capital and Mama Lion Productions, Irina is a fantastic combination of brilliance, boldness, wit, and warmth. One aspect we love about her journey is how she has managed to outshine in her sphere despite belonging to a miserable family.

Irina was brought up on the outskirts of Moscow and was a victim of childhood neglect. She got into the top university, Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), earning a Philosophy and Political Science degree in 1991. Later, she completed her Bachelor’s in Computer Science at San Jose State University and started working in Fintech doing Tech Risk Assessments.

Many reasons could cause a mid-career professional to consider a career switch. Irina’s transition was gradual as she donned many hats, like project manager, media personality, and now a successful impact investor. It all began with her political science degree, where she worked as a philosopher and historian. Later, she received her degree in CS and pursued engineering. As more doors opened for her, she realized her magnitude of talent and dabbled in diverse roles like venture capitalist and creative product manager.

Carrying that fiery spark within her from the very start, Irina is more than just an investor and entrepreneur-she is a voice for minority women and philanthropists. Her work as a philanthropist includes commissioning paintings for Ambassador Andrew Young. She is fluent in six languages and works with international ventures in Switzerland, Israel, the US, and China. Moreover, she is working with the Russian Speaking Women Engineer group to help women enter the world of work and build careers. 

As a recipient of the 2011 Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Media, her core expertise is developing and promoting innovative digital media and interactive entertainment technologies. She is also an active member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences at the Emmys Foundation. 

The rollercoaster for Irina remains never-ending. Today, she serves as Advisor & Managing Partner at Sils Capital, serves on advisory boards, leads Due Diligence teams, and is a regular invitee as a panelist on Pitch Globally. Given how Irina Meyer is continuously cultivating growth for the betterment of the world, her future is undoubtedly heading for great heights.


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