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Telecom service provider via the affordable connectivity program

  1. During the covid-19 outbreak, states acted quickly to ensure residents’ access to key services was not disrupted. In 34 states, governors, state legislatures, and utility regulators declared moratoria on disconnection and late bill collection fines for a variety of energy, water, and telecommunication utilities and services, providing people with reprieve. Since then, governments have received and overseen federal emergency money while employing state resources to ensure that residents continue to have affordable connectivity access to government phones.

Now in the developing world, 31% of the population is online with mostly 88% of citizens having mobile subscriptions.

Internet affordable program is affordable for everyone
The national congress agreed on a plan to connect Americans living in rural areas, urban areas, and mountainous reservations. This cooperation resulted in the development of the Emergency Broadband Benefit program in December 2020, which has shown to be useful to the almost eight million households who have participated in the program since May.

The affordable connectivity program, which will replace the emergency broadband assistance program, was recently created by Congress in 2021. This investment will ensure that we can continue to afford the internet connections such as telecom services we require for jobs, school, healthcare, and other purposes. The FCC (Federal Communication Commission) is requesting information on the infrastructural upgrades that have been made, and it will be implementing rules for the affordable connectivity program.

Currently, Congress requires the FCC to start transitioning the EBB program into the Affordable
Connectivity Program will be taking its full effect starting from Jan 1, 2022.

There are more than 300 varieties of internet service providers participating in the EBB program and these providers will also participate in the affordable Connectivity Program. One of them is  the Telecommunication Service Provider.

Traditionally, a telecommunication service provider (TSP) which is a type of communication service has supplied telephone and similar services as lifeline wireless ACP.

Is my household eligible for the affordable connectivity program?

As long as a member of your household;

Has an income below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines
Participates in certain assistance programs like Federal Public Housing Assistance

If approved to take benefits under free and reduced-price programs such as the school breakfast program, your household will be eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program.

What Benefit does the affordable connectivity program provide?

The Affordable Connectivity Program is an FCC program to help struggling households and families afford internet services which will provide a discount of $30 per month for eligible households.

Also, providers participating in the Affordable Connectivity Program such as the TruConnect Service Provider (TSP)can give a discount of up to $100 to eligible households if they make a down payment between $10 and $50 of the purchasing price of their product.

Take action

The affordable connectivity Program benefit is available to eligible households and enrollment opens on December 31, 2021. Are you looking to enroll to take part in the benefit? Do so! Information on how to get qualified and enroll is available

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