Startup Pekerja.com and Emiten.com Have Discussed The Acquisitions Process

One of Indonesia’s top-grossing companies, Emiten.com, which specializes in trade industries, recently stated their next step would be to acquire Pekerja.com, a freshly formed company.

The process is required in order to increase the market size even further, both sides this week confirmed in news conferences. Other advantages include lower resource costs, a longer business environment, and usefulness for portfolio diversity in the future. Emiten and Pekerja are also keen to start the process right now.

Pekerja.com, a firm that just launched, tends to draw in other investors, one of them is emiten.com. They discussed the entire hiring process, from administrative selection to the final user interview, which is also helpful for HRDs in discerning and categorizing the candidate who is the best fit for the position.

Additionally, Pekerja.com expands its job-seeking operations to new heights. They specifically highlight several job openings for the disabled, elderly population (over 50 years old), recent graduates, and interns on their Instagram account, @pekerjacom. giving everyone a chance to work for a better life, especially those who genuinely thrive.

Their first campaign began by posting job openings on social media to key cities (Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, etc.), keeping their app simple for simplicity of use.

The future of these two businesses was optimized by Denny Huang, Director of PT APLIKASI EMITEN INDONESIA. “We are hopeful that this acquisition process would increase our market and strengthen our system as a whole. Our team has a good feeling about the branding of Pekerja.com, which only needs one word to identify its goal because pekerja (which means worker in Indonesian) immediately conveys that concept,”

He also thought that despite having different acts, Pekerja.com and emiten.com had similar visions. Society has many options for making their own money, including investing and finding better employment. Nowadays, everyone talks about achieving financial freedom, which can only be done by increasing your income.

The acquisition worth of pekerja.com is not known with certainty. However, it is apparent that emiten.com is prepared to extend this movement to new, emerging enterprises provided that they are consistent with the company’s objectives.

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