Pregnancy, Relationships, And Love

Whether you got pregnant by choice or by accident, you cannot press CTRL+Z to it. There is no turning back time. Life will never be the same for you, and things for your relationship are inevitably going to change.

Pregnancy hormones: You are not the same person

Pregnancy just not cause you to have physical changes and weird cravings, but it also has a great impact on your emotional health.

One aspect is of course the gravity of the situation; you are making a baby, whom you have to raise, protect, nurture and try not to screw up. Naturally, you will be worried and anxious about it.

The other aspect are the raging hormones. During pregnancy, hormones are fluctuating that then cause mood swings, which can be extremely brutal as well. Moreover, the strain of just being pregnant also has impact on the mental health; you are in pain, you are ringing your gynecologist doctor in Islamabad constantly for help, you are discovering a new changes in your body every day, and you can barely recognize your body as is.

So, it is understandable that when so much in life is changing, your relationship with your partner will also change.

But expecting these changes helps in coping with them. Rather than worrying whether your partnership is on the line, you will know these are on account of the emotional turmoil, and things will eventually settle now.

What to expect during pregnancy?

You can become insecure and anxious

During pregnancy, some women become extremely anxious and insecure. Alongside worrying about the safety of their baby, they also start to fret about their partner.

You can become needy

You can also expect to feel needy during pregnancy. You not only want attention from your partner, but you might also have fears about being abandoned. Moreover, you will also want more love and reassurance from your partner.

Since during pregnancy your physical appearance changes drastically, your insecurity might be rooted in changing appearance as well.

You can become angry

Expect some angry and fireworks in the relationship. Due to the mood swings and the discomfort, it is understandable to feel on edge and angry. So, do expect to run into conflicts.

To avoid things from escalating, try to work on your anger management. Try meditation, mindfulness, and deep breathing to at least moderating your mood.

Also, your partner also should be empathetic towards your state, and know that your condition is making you angsty, and it is not like you are trying to be difficult.

You can have changes in your sex life

Physical intimacy has a big role to play in your relationship. Due to pregnancy, this aspect of your relationship can change. Some women are not recommended sex because of their condition. So, it is best to get clearance from your doctor first.

You can expect to feel very sexually active. Again, the hormones can be blamed. But there is also the pressure of making or not making baby that once off, can improve sex life as well.

Conversely, you might completely become aversive to sex. Your physical state may be the reason for it, or maybe you are not feeling turned on.

Word of caution over your metal health

Few ups and downs are expected. It is not just you, but your partner is also becoming a parent, and even though they are not carrying the child, their life is also changing. Naturally, they will also have haywire emotions. So, do expect some emotional upheaval in you and your relationship.


However, if you have perpetual anxiety to the point your life is disrupted, you are having panic attacks, you are constantly feeling low and are weeping, you are exhibiting compulsive behaviors, your heart rate is always high, you are extremely nervous and you are worried about your well-being, you need to consult your gynecologist in Rawalpindi. It is especially important if these symptoms have been around for at least 2-3 weeks. Your mental health needs help.

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