Nortel Phone Troubleshooting

Nortel Phone Troubleshooting

We understand offices and businesses rely on their Nortel Networks Phone System and these telephone systems were popular for decades. The biggest challenges of the Nortel Phone System are its age as it was last produced in 2009 or earlier, as well as the telephone Installers themselves are retiring and few understand the value of a line telephone.

Nortel Support
If you need Nortel Support you can call 1 (888) 383-6286

The Nortel Support Network Phone System or Norstar Phone was created to be one of the most robust office communication systems ever invented. These amazing systems were designed to last and hold up as they have for decades. Given the average computer only last a 7 to 8-year span it is impressive that many Nortel Phone System has lasted for decades! These Systems used some of the first flash memory and many Norstar or Meridian phones were durable. The dealer work had talented true telephone technicians who understood the programming of the Nortel and how to make changes to a Nortel Phone System.

These multi-line telephone systems that had for example “Line 1”, “Line 2” that you could place one call on hold and then grab the next incoming call was one of the first truly reliable and robust PBX Phone Systems for small to medium size businesses that worked exceptionally well. Then as it developed from Meridian phones or Norstar Phones into a system using a Nortel Call Pilot that gave incredibly advanced features like PBX auto attendants that allowed callers to choose who they wanted to reach or to be able to select the prescription line if at a doctors office.

Nortel Phone Systems had their Place

The Nortel Phone was often used in organizations like an Auto Repair Shop phone system or in a Medical Phone System and many were used as Veterinarian phone systems. Small mom-and-pop brick-and-mortar shops loved the Meridian Phones or the Nortel Phones. When you meet someone who has a Nortel you just know because it is like trying to pull the phone system from their hands. Many users love the Nortel Phone System because it was so well constructed.

Nortel Troubleshooting

As said early on the challenge with this telephone system is the fact it’s aging, and you will need more Nortel Phone Troubleshooting than you did when you first acquired this office phone system. When you try to figure out why your Nortel Voicemail does not work or that your Meridian Phone says Feature unavailable then you begin to realize you need a Nortel Technician to support your office. Companies like A.B.S and TelcomPBX have been providing Nortel Support for over 30 years and now offer you that support for your system.

We also know that offices rarely stay stagnant as people change, room layouts change, and of course, staff change requiring changes to Nortel Programming. So beyond Norstar Troubleshooting you often need Nortel Programming for your organization. So be sure to write down the toll-free number for Nortel Support so that when you need support for your Nortel Phone System you have it.

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