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NEWSFamous murder case story: Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry

A tragic murder case involving Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry took place in 2007. Both the victim and the perpetrator in this instance were adolescents. Gabriel Kuhn, the case’s victim, was just 12 years old, while the killer was 16 years old, according to some stories.

Both were avid gamers who got along because to two factors: first, they shared a neighborhood, and second, they were both playing the same game, Tibia. They developed close friendships because their same hobbies allowed them to do so, although medical records claim that Daniel Patry suffered from mental instability and had a volatile temper.

Daniel Patry excelled at the same game, earning plenty of virtual currency. In addition, he lent virtual currency to his neighbors’ pals. He once loaned 20,000 virtual coins to one of his buddies, Gabriel Kuhn, and when Patry asked Kuhn to repay the loan, he refused, making matters worse.

Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn were the assassins.
Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn were close friends, and they played the same game together called Tibia because Patry had a lot of virtual currency that he would give to his buddies. When Patry traded 20,000 digital currencies with Kuhn one day in exchange for certain coins, Kuhn refused to give them back, which infuriated Patry and led to his decision to murder him.

He stabbed Kuhn to death with a sharp instrument. Even still, the investigating team was originally in the dark about the murderer until they dug further into the well-known murder case of the adolescent gamer and discovered that Daniel Patry, the murderer’s 16-year-old friend, was really responsible.

Since Patry was under the age of 18, it is anticipated that he was released from prison after serving his three-year term. If not, he may spend the rest of his life in prison.

Reaction of Patry’s parents
According to different accounts, Patry’s parents were gorgeous, kind people who had good relations with everyone in the neighborhood, therefore his childhood was in a welcoming household. His parents further stated that they had observed psychological changes in Patry’s behavior, including an increase in his irrational rage at small talk and a marked decline in his academic performance. He would spend much of his time alone, avoiding interactions with his family and neighbors.

Because of how rapidly his health was deteriorating, they even took him to a psychiatrist.

Last words
The Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry case has gained new notoriety, and many people, particularly gamers, discuss about it online. Due to Kuhn’s refusal to reimburse Patry for the 20,000 virtual coins she had won in the game, the murder took place.

The combined value of those coins, which cost Kuhn his life, is around $1.75 in today’s money. Once Patry’s guilt as the killer was established, he was given a three-year prison sentence.

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