Emotional Experience

An Experiment on Emotional Experience

If you search up the definition of emotions, you’ll discover that to fully comprehend what emotions are, you also need to look up feelings, moods, conduct, subjectivity, and consciousness. Psychologists and psychiatrists have been kept very busy and very wealthy by the quest to comprehend emotions, not to mention the pharmacological sector.

It is not a good idea to use mood-altering to numb your feelings, but that is another topic that we will save for another time. We all experience emotions, but how we respond to those emotions differs from person to person. You can try the exercise in this post the next time you find yourself in an emotional experience, along with my explanation of emotions.

Emotional Encounter

You’ll notice that after going through a very emotional encounter, your body and mind will start to feel worn out. This is because you have just expended a lot of energy in processing the emotion. Emotions are simply Energy in Motion (E- Motion), which is why suppressed emotions may be highly harmful. If this energy is allowed to accumulate, it will eventually show up as tension or perhaps a medical condition. You can’t ignore or disregard your feelings without eventually suffering some sort of repercussion.

Have you ever been watching a movie with others when a particularly tragic scene begins to play, and before you know it, you feel your eyes beginning to tear up? You struggle to contain your tears, but if you were by yourself, you undoubtedly would have bawled out. You know what I’m talking about, so just admit it. Because we were raised to believe that expressing our feelings to others was a sign of weakness, the majority of people do not prefer to do so. In actuality, crying is a sign of strength and wisdom since the strong person doesn’t care what other people say about their tears and the wise person understands that energy must flow.

Here Is Where We Start to Play About a Little

Try to recall an instance when you were laughing uncontrollably, and try to recall what set you off or what caused you to feel that way. Feel the delight, the happiness, and the love; you can relive that feeling by thinking back on the occasion.

Some people get severe illnesses as a result of blocking unpleasant memories that create unpleasant emotions; the illness results from an accumulation of emotional energy within the body. Try to recall a terrible event that happened to you. Perhaps someone called you a derogatory term and caused you to feel upset.

You can start to feel how unhappy you were by thinking back on what they said. Can you already feel the energy beginning to rise once more? Which area of your body is that energy originating from? Now, you will see this energy beginning to move with me.


If you don’t like this experiment, hopefully, you will look for some constructive ways to let the emotional energy out and prevent it from accumulating in your body. “Sudden Traumatic Response to Emotionally Stimulated Systems” is another definition of stress that I would like to share with you. Your body will experience a rapid traumatic reaction known as stress as a result of an emotionally aroused build-up of energy. Please attempt the experiment and let me know how it went. Stress is a subject for another essay. May you only have positive, emotional experience!


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