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Los Angeles Events: Meet the Stars Up Close and Personal

Many of the Los Angeles events that take place throughout the year may make you believe that you will always be behind the velvet rope and that they are only for the Hollywood set. It’s untrue. Numerous annual events that are free and accessible to the public are held in Los Angeles, making your trip to the City of Angels even more educational. The following are some of these Los Angeles events.

Cirque des Shriners

The Shrine Auditorium and Expo Center in downtown Los Angeles is home to the yearly circus put on by The Shriners, a nonprofit organization. Every year on the last weekend in January, the Shriners Circus is hosted, and it can be a fun way for you and your family to start the New Year. Although there is a cost to enter, your children will never forget the circus. This circus is kid-friendly and supports a worthwhile cause.

Festival de Jazz de Los Ángeles.

Although there are jazz festivals throughout the country, the Los Angeles Jazz Festival is the only one that takes place inside and in the winter. Although los angeles events this weekend with warm throughout the year, the jazz festival, which is hosted within the Laemmie Music Hall, brings a whole new meaning to the term “cool jazz.” On the first Saturday in March each year, you may check out the Jazz Festival. The festival highlights local, frequently undiscovered acts and lasts the entire day.

Festival of Hot Air Balloons in Los Angeles

Each year, balloons from all over the world fly into the sky from Echo Park as part of the annual hot air balloon festival. Every year, during the second weekend of March, a carnival featuring food and kiddie rides is held as part of the Hot Air Balloon Festival. Most people like to watch hot air balloon festivals, and your family will likely like them as well. The best part is that this event is free and accessible to everyone.

Taste of Los Angeles

If you visit the Los Angeles Taste Fest at Griffith Park, which is located along Crystal Springs Drive in Los Angeles, you can sample the local cuisine. When you attend this yearly festival, which takes place during the last weekend in June, you can sample some of the cuisines from the restaurants that you have read so much about and possibly those that you have heard your favorite stars frequent.

Book Sale & Fair in Los Angeles

One of the biggest public library systems in the world is the Los Angeles Library system. The Los Angeles Book Fair and Sale is a massive annual event made possible by millions of donations. All Los Angeles libraries, including the branch in Echo Park, the Montbello Library, and the Pasadena Library, host the Los Angeles Book Fair. Every year on the final weekend of September, the greatest library sale in the nation is held. If you enjoy reading, you should attend.

A movie star is not necessary to enjoy los angeles events this weekend. Visit Los Angeles because you may have a lot of family fun without spending a lot of money, in addition to the numerous trade exhibitions you can attend, good dining, and shopping.

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