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Kani Leather Tannery founded in 1962 by Mr. Mehmet Nuri Toktas in Kazlıcesme / Istanbul / Turkey. The passion for tanning leather has passed from grandfather to grandsons today. Our adventure has started in 1962, in 1990, Kani Leather Tannery has moved to the new plant in Usak province which is an organized industrial Zone with a wastewater purification plant. Since the beginning of the business, Kani Leather Tannery has been insisting on quality of leather, environmental care and it’s employee’s rights. Kani Leather Tannery with its wide range of products and innovations produces finished sheep leather, lamb leather, goat leather and bovine leather. The most demanded types of leather from Kani Leather Tannery by it’s customers are; Nappa Leather, Plonge Leather, Vegetable Tanned Leather, Stretch Leather, Washable Leather, Suede Leather, Chrome Free Tanned Leather and Full Grain Leather.

Kani Leather Tannery has launched the project, which wants to develop a tanning method that does not use products containing heavy metals. Kani Leather Tannery limit the import of raw leather to those countries whose production standards and behaves respectfully to nature, human and animals. Kani Leather Tannery carries out periodical studies on fashion trends as a preliminary step in order to create proposals and collections of articles. Kani Leather Tannery follows its range of products based on the inspiration of the most important international fashion designers. In Kani Leather Tannery, the production cycle of leather tanning is characterized by the integration between traditional techniques and modern technologies. After we receive our sheepskins, lambskins and cowhides it goes through many stages to keep it. Kani Leather Tannery also meets with our color fans and is offered your service. In our laboratory, equipped with modern technologies, we test all leather hides in order to verify that requirements of solidity and environmental protection are met.

Kani Leather embraces a philosophy of quality in leather tanning; hence, important research efforts are made aiming at original effects and making leather an innovating product par excellence.

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