Is Irsai Olivér Brandy The Right Choice For You?

Exceptionally fragrant wine with intensive, fruity and Muscat-like flavors with refreshing citrus zest. Light body and low alcohol content. The exact origin of the name is unknown. Kocsis most probably named it after the son of his friend, a wine merchant. Wines made from this grape are best paired with salads, vegetable dishes, and non-oily white fish. It is also suitable for not-too-sweet desserts.


Irsai Oliver (eer-sha-ee ol-eve-air) is a Hungarian variety created by Pal Kocsis in 1930. It is an aromatic grape variety with a Muscat character. It is characterized by very rare leafage, large loose clusters and resistance to most vine diseases. It ripens very early and has an extremely high production potential. It is used for the production of varietal and blended wines in Central Europe and is especially popular in Hungary. It is also cultivated in Switzerland where it is known as Muscat Oliver and produces highly aromatic wines, which are very similar to wine from other grape varieties such as Moscato Giallo.

Our Irsai Olivér pálinka is made from the crushed fruit of these delicious, aromatic and juicy grapes, which are slowly fermented and distilled in copper stills. It is very mild and delicate in flavor. It is recommended for spritzers and light-hearted get-togethers with friends. It will also complement dishes such as salads, seafood, and no-too-sweet cakes.


The grape variety Irsai Oliver, also known as Muskat Oliver, is one of the most popular white wines in Hungary. It is a hybrid variety that is crossed from Pozsonyi and Pearl of Csaba and was created in 1930. This variety is cultivated on about 4,300 hectares in Hungary and has recently overtaken Olaszrizling to become the second most widely grown white wine variety of the country. Irsai Oliver has a delicate acidity and a distinctive Muscat character, making it perfect for producing fruity and aromatic wines. It is especially well-suited for the tuff and volcanic terroir of the Matra region, where it produces light and aromatic wines with fresh fragrances and flavors.

The resulting brandy, from the Szentpeteri Winery in Kunsag, is delightfully summery and easy to drink. It has floral and acacia aromas, as well as fresh grape and pear fruitiness. It also has a subtle peppery spirituous spice on the finish. It pairs well with cheeses, such as young, light cow’s milk and non-oily white fish.


Irsai Oliver is a white grape variety that makes aromatic wines. It was bred by Pal Kocsis in 1930 as a cross between Pozsonyi and Pearl of Csaba varieties. It has rare leafage, large and loose clusters of grapes and is not prone to most diseases. This relatively recent Hungarian variety ripens early and gives wines with grape, Muscat and perfumed notes. Wines made from Irsai Oliver are fresh, youthful and approachable. They have tight acidity and grape, grape blossom and a wide array of citrus and summer fruit aromas.

Irsai Oliver palinka has a unique aromatic character reminiscent of fresh grapes and pear skin. This is complemented by gentle but assertive peppery spirituous notes. This variety pairs well with salads, light dishes and soft cheeses. It is also suitable for use in the preparation of spritzers and as an aperitif. It is also a popular drink for summer picnics and light-hearted get-togethers.


Irsai Oliver grape palinka is light, refreshing, and playful. It is perfect for making spritzers in the summer and drinking it with friends, or to accompany light dishes such as salads, risotto or grilled chicken breast with mushroom sauce. The aromatic character of the grape and its fresh, fragrant notes of grapes and pear skin is captured in this premium quality GUSTO brandy. Irsai pálinka is a Hungarian crossing between Pearl of Csaba and Pozsonyi Feher white wine grape varieties created in 1930. It produces light wines with pronounced Muscat aromas and low acidity levels. Its vines are easy to grow and they ripen early. It is also resistant to many diseases.

Typically, Irsai Oliver wine is very fragrant and fruity with a wide range of flavors including rose petals, orange blossom, and lychee. Its refreshing palate reveals aromas and flavors of apple, lemon, apricot, peach, and a hint of spice with a dry finish.


Irsai Oliver brandy is a distilled drink of the Hungarian muscat grape palinka category, which is rarely seen outside Hungary. It is pot distilled from the fermented mash of the famous Irsai Oliver grape. It shows intensive Muscat-type aromas and flavors of rose petals, orange blossom, lychee, and grape with refreshing citrus zest. Serve chilled to 9-10°C. It pairs well with light dishes, cheeses, and not-too-sweet desserts.

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