How To Find The Best Home Warranty Companies In Colorado

Having a home warranty is a great way to save money on costly repairs. However, deciding whether or not to buy a plan is ultimately up to the homeowner. Consider a provider’s reputation and how extensive their local network is. This can help you determine how quickly a company will respond to service requests and send a repair technician.

1. American Home Shield

American Home Shield is a founding member of the home warranty industry. It offers three plan options and add-ons to customize the service. Its plans are competitive with other providers, and it has a good reputation among homeowners and real estate professionals. Unlike some home warranty companies Colorado, AHS does not require a home inspection or maintenance records before claiming services. It also covers roof leaks, something that other companies do not offer.

Homeowners can choose the plan they want based on their budget and needs. The company provides different plans for different types of systems and appliances. The basic plan is called ShieldSilver, which helps protect parts of 14 essential systems such as HVAC and electrical. The Gold plan is more comprehensive and includes appliances such as refrigerators and stoves. It is the best option for homeowners who want to make sure all their essential appliances are covered. The Platinum plan also helps with other things, like pool repair and rekeying locks.

2. HomeServe Warranty

Unlike most home warranty providers, HomeServe offers a la carte plans. It has 18 plan options for specific systems, including plumbing and electrical. It also has two combo plans, which combine several systems or appliances. HomeServe’s system plans don’t include a service call fee. However, its tech protection and appliance repair plans come with a $100 service charge.

HomeServe USA has a repair hotline that’s available 24/7. Customers can call the hotline to request a service provider for their repairs, and they can track their claim online. They also have one of the longest workmanship guarantees in the industry, which is great for peace of mind. The company also has a portal for real estate agents and homeowners. It also has plans for landlords and rental properties. Its repair network has over 12,000 licensed contractors and repair specialists in North America.

3. ServiceMaster Of Colorado

ServiceMaster of Colorado offers disaster restoration services including water & sewer damage, fire & smoke recovery and mold remediation. They also provide janitorial services, commercial carpet cleaning and hard surface floor care. They have over 2,000 franchised and licensed locations worldwide. The Steffens own five ServiceMaster licensed businesses in Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder and Douglas Counties providing disaster restoration, janitorial and commercial carpet cleaning. They have over 60 years of experience in the industry. Customers have given them positive feedback for their work and professionalism.

4. Allied Home Warranty

Allied Home Warranty offers many services to help homeowners with unexpected repairs. They also offer discounts on certain upgrades like a high-efficiency AC install or a whole-home surge protector to prevent damage to appliances and electronics from lightning strikes or power surges. Whether you are selling your home or looking to buy, a home warranty can provide peace of mind and help make the process much smoother for you. It will also protect you from expensive repair bills and will allow you to negotiate with the seller on your behalf.

The company has six different plans, including systems-only and appliance-only plans. In addition, they have combination plans and customizable options. They also have a one-page contract, which is an industry first and makes it easy for consumers to understand their coverage. It also includes clear dollar limits and helps avoid the confusion that often comes with long service contracts. You can even opt to pay in monthly installments, which may save you some money on the annual plan.


A home warranty plan provides peace of mind and can save homeowners money. Find a plan to suit your needs with our comparison of the best home warranty companies Colorado. Home warranties in Colorado cover repair costs for home systems and appliances. If your appliance or system breaks down, file a service request to have it repaired or replaced.

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