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How to Find Real Estate Lead Gen

Using the principle of lead creation from the beginning would put you light years ahead of your rivals in the real estate market. The majority of real estate professionals begin by assuming that if you only have a few crucial relationships in place, you will be incredibly successful. Relationships are vital, no doubt about it, but if you want to close deals every month, you need to have a good lead creation strategy.

It takes more than 10 minutes of work to get high-quality real estate leads, but with a little forethought and preparation, you can have a steady stream of people contacting you every day. Here are some suggestions for daily lead generation.

Concentrate on Lead Creation

If you concentrate on Lead Gen, you won’t send out any marketing that is only “branding.” Advertising for brands costs money and doesn’t produce leads. If you keep your attention on leads, all of your marketing efforts (online, in print, etc.) will be directed at generating calls and leads. It’s okay if your peers in the real estate industry think this focus is strange. It is frequently advised in real estate that you must “introduce yourself to the neighborhood” or “get the word out,” yet doing so is expensive. Keep your attention on the things that will produce leads every day.


Free leads are uncommon. Putting money into your real estate business will enable you to generate leads much more quickly. Spending no more than 7% of a typical commission on advertising is a decent guideline to follow. Each 7% of your spending should result in one transaction. Following the 7% rule will help you keep more of your money in your pocket and make your marketing efforts more effective. It will be necessary to eliminate anything that isn’t producing leads for simply 7% of a commission.

Marketing Plan

Although I strongly support an online real estate marketing plan, not all agents should use it. It will be simpler if you have a plan in place for your real estate lead generation initiatives. Knowing the measures you’re going to take to produce leads doesn’t have to be difficult. This can entail using multiple lead generation pay per lead. Four marketing systems are advised by top real estate coaches across the nation to help you create leads. Each system must generate at least two transactions each month and follow the 7% criterion. You can use a variety of systems in your marketing strategy (such as websites, blogs, postcards, magazine advertising, etc.), as long as each one is producing enough leads for you to close two transactions per system each month.

Aforementioned Three Steps

You may start receiving real estate leads with just the aforementioned three steps appointments. Just enough steps must be included in your plan so that you can identify where you need to take action; it doesn’t need to be complicated. You’ll close deals every month if you keep your attention on creating real estate leads.

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