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How to Choose a Feng Shui Master

This is a continuation of my prior essay on how to select a fang shui master. A telltale symptom of this is when a quack advertises themselves as descended from great geomancers or as having access to secret Feng Shui formulas that were only revealed to them by their fathers, grandfathers, or ancestors.

Some of them like presenting themselves as the VIPs, politicians, and celebrities’ preferred counsel. By taking use of the good fortune of such prominent people, even a mediocre Feng Shui Master may be made to appear better than they are because their destiny and luck are visibly better.

Feng Shui Gurus Merely Follow

Many times, feng shui gurus merely follow what they believe to be dogma. Although some regulations are relatively flexible and change throughout time, others are fixed and don’t change as time goes on.

With experience and professional direction, a talented feng shui practitioner will be able to adjust to each client’s needs. One set of instructions might work for this person, but it might backfire on someone else. Consequently, one effective method for choosing a Singapore feng shui master is for him or her to evaluate your home before entering it.

Avoid those who frequently appear on television because their sponsorship fees can be highly expensive and they routinely sponsor these programs. You can clearly see who will be responsible for footing the bill for such excessive sponsorship expenses.

A highly commercialized Feng Shui Master is likewise likely to make little effort to keep up his knowledge, it might be inferred. Teaching Chinese Metaphysics in addition to practicing and instructing Feng Shui is the best way for a Feng Shui Master to stay up to date with contemporary culture and modify their Feng Shui methods.

Feng Shui Has Naturally Seen

Feng shui has naturally seen an increase in quacks looking for quick money due to its highly abstract nature and lack of regulation. It is unfortunate that these charlatans are damaging the reputation of geomancy. For the benefit of our readers who believe in Feng Shui, I have developed some simple inquiries and considerations for clients to make regarding the professionalism of their potential consultant.

Furthermore, I’ve seen that Feng Shui con artists rarely instruct Chinese philosophy. This is likely a result of the danger they run of encountering and shaming enthusiasts who are more likely to be paying customers than they are.

The importance of the aforementioned shouldn’t surprise you because Chinese geomancy also evolves through time like other services do. Think about if you, a man living in the current world, would like food prepared in the same way it was 1,000 years ago. Therefore, avoid practitioners who, like a broken record, insist that they only apply classical feng shui.

Last but not least, a doctor who is well-marketed may be dubious because they are overly focused on fame and wealth.

Feng Shui Experts Typically Advise Aquariums

Additionally, a lot of Feng Shui experts typically advise aquariums and water fountains as ideal remedies for the Career and Wealth sectors. Due to the Career area’s connection to the water element, water-related treatments and cures are appropriate there. Due to the fact that water feeds wood, which is associated with prosperity, they are particularly potent additions to the Prosperity area. Water and fire are adversaries; therefore, water-type remedies are not suitable, for example, in the Fame area or for someone who needs Fire as an element. The presence of water in this area is disruptive rather than useful.

In other words, when you are conscious of your secret elemental signs, your life will be in balance. You’ll be able to move in the desired direction more quickly because of this energy equilibrium. When seeking advice from a Feng Shui expert, keep this in mind. I would suggest that you always ask for health before good fortune. People regularly ask for money, and the circumstances are made for this to occur, but eventually their health will be compromised.

Last Word

Such commercialized Singapore feng shui master also outsource the authoring of books, particularly the Yearly Horoscope books, in order to improve their profile while avoiding writing. Many individuals are shocked to hear that sometimes professionals who have teamed up may disseminate or share the material in these publications. I’ve observed numerous instances in which a select few of these novels are startlingly similar, both word for word and page for page. In any case, using the twelve zodiac animals to explain people’s luck is as universal as talking about people’s luck on all seven continents, therefore such publications are often useless.

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